Microsoft May Reveal Its Cloud PC Service Soon

Microsoft May Reveal Its Cloud PC Service Soon

Although it has taken a while, Microsoft could announce its rumoured cloud-based PC service on July 15, 2021.

We’ve heard rumours, hints and leaks for a while about a new Windows 10 cloud computing service that Microsoft is offering. It turns out that Microsoft may soon reveal its plans at its Inspire conference. There is also evidence to support this theory.

Microsoft’s Potential Cloud PC Announcement

ZDNet saw Inspire’s schedule and noticed the possibility of an announcement. ZDNet noted that an event called “What’s next in End-User Computing” will be held on July 15, 2021.

This event will teach attendees “about the newest Microsoft Cloud Solution for Enabling Hybrid Work.” This description is suspiciously similar to Microsoft’s rumoured cloud-based PC service.

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Do you need more evidence? You’ll find Scott Manchester hosting the event if you dig deeper. Manchester is the lead developer for many of Microsoft’s cloud-based services, which is promising.

ZDNet, however, has a trick up its sleeves. According to ZDNet’s sources, Manchester has been working on Microsoft’s cloud-based PC service all along. This gives credence to the theory of Microsoft removing the dust from its cloud PC service at its Inspire event.

Microsoft did not respond to the speculation, probably to keep the main event a surprise. As a result, we won’t know the real meaning of this event until it is life.

What is Microsoft’s Cloud PC Service, and How Does It Work?

This is not the first time you have heard of this topic. Microsoft has been rumoured to be launching a cloud-based PC service since late 2020. However, Microsoft has been excellent about keeping the details secret, so we know little.

We know that you will be able to rent a Windows-based computer that you can access over the internet. In addition, you can access your computer on the cloud anytime you have internet access.

Late 2020 leaks suggested that the cloud-based PC service would have a business focus. This will enable professionals and companies to hire a Windows machine if they need it quickly.

It also revealed three different levels of computer: Advanced, Medium, and Heavy. Each tier will have another hardware specification to meet your requirements. Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about each tier’s hardware specifications, and the information we have has probably changed since late 2020.

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Microsoft’s Cloud PCs: A Silver Lining

Microsoft has been relatively tight-lipped regarding its cloud PCs. However, that could change soon. Microsoft’s Inspire 2021 conference will provide potential updates on the topic.

Microsoft might bring a business focus to its cloud PCs. Unfortunately, this could make it difficult for gamers to use the system specifications to run the most recent and greatest games. There are many gaming cloud services available, including Shadow, GeForce Now and Project xCloud.