Windows 11 WILL Run on Old PCs After All

Windows 11 WILL Run on Old PCs After All

Microsoft announced that older hardware PCs would be able to install Windows 11.

Microsoft’s requirements and specifications for the new operating systems were previously set to exclude hundreds upon millions of users. Instead, users would have to either continue using Windows 10 or upgrade to meet the requirements.

Microsoft has now confirmed that Windows 11 can be installed on any machine that meets minimum hardware requirements. This means that Windows 11 is available to anyone.

Windows 11 on Any Computer

Microsoft’s announcement that it will not block Windows 11 installations on older hardware departed from the messages surrounding the Windows 11 launch in 2021.

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Microsoft launched Windows 11 with strict hardware specifications, including the latest Intel and AMD processors and TPM 2.0 (or the minimum requirement of TPM 122) requirements.

Hardware requirements were not well received. It is safe to say.

Microsoft Insider Preview has confirmed that Windows 10 users will not be subject to the Windows 11 hardware restrictions if they try to update using Windows Update.

Microsoft will allow you to install Windows 11 on your machine using a Windows 11 ISO.

Windows 11 Will Work on All PCs

It may not work perfectly, however.

Microsoft discovered that Windows 11 machines running on unsupported hardware were 52% more likely than those running Windows 11 on hardware that meets minimum requirements.

You can also install Windows 11 on any computer, but that doesn’t guarantee it will work. Windows 11 requires sufficient RAM installed on your computer and a processor capable of running the operating system.

While you can bypass the Windows 11 restrictions by installing Windows 11 cleanly, it is essential to ensure that your hardware can run Windows 11 before you abandon Windows 10.

PC Health Check App Gets an Update

Windows PC Health Check, the infamous app that monitors your PC’s health, is also getting an update. Microsoft’s Windows 11 analysis added an Intel 7th gen processor to the minimum hardware requirements, along with several Intel Core X-Series or Intel Xeon W-Series CPUs.

Microsoft also addressed a significant problem with the PC Health Check app: It doesn’t give enough information about why your hardware isn’t compatible with Windows 11. Users were previously turning to WhyNotWin11, a third-party company, to determine what was holding them back from upgrading.

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The app’s latest update changes this. An upgrade message now explains why your hardware won’t work in Windows 11.