Windows 11 Testers Get Taste of New Mail, Calendar, and Calculator Apps

Windows 11 Testers Get Taste of New Mail, Calendar, and Calculator Apps

Microsoft also pushed out an updated Snipping Tool to testers.

Microsoft has revamped a number of the preloaded apps in Windows 11, including the Snipping Tool, Calculator, Mail, and Calendar apps. You’ll try the update yourself if you are a part of Windows Insiders’ Dev Channel.

Windows 11 Apps Get a Sleek New Look

In a post on the Windows Blog, Microsoft gave readers a sneak peek at what the updated Windows 11 apps will appear as if.

For one, Microsoft is tossing out the classic Snip & Sketch and Snipping Tool and replacing both with a redesigned version of the Snipping Tool. consistent with Microsoft, the updated app “represents the simplest experience of both apps.”

The Snipping Tool will allow you to use the Win + Shift + S keyboard shortcut to require screenshots, which could be a habit if you already use that with the Snip & Sketch tool.

It comes with a settings page and several other new options for taking screenshots: Rectangular Snip, Freeform Snip, Windows Snip, and Fullscreen Snip. You’re also liberal to annotate your screenshots, also as cash in of the improved cropping tools.

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You can also set the Snipping Tool’s theme separately from that of Windows. This suggests you’ll toggle on dark mode without affecting the remainder of your apps.

Fans of Windows’ preloaded Mail and Calendar apps are going to be pleased, too. Again, not much has changed, except that both apps now have rounded corners that complement Window 11’s New Look. You’ll use dark mode with these apps also, which are some things that you’re already ready to neutralize Windows 10.

Lastly, the handy Calculator app received a slight adjustment to its appearance. A bit like with the Snipping Tool, you will be ready to use it in dark mode. Additionally, the app has been rewritten in C#, suggesting that more developers can contribute to GitHub.

Windows 11’s Launch Date Gets Closer

Rumour has it that Windows 11 is about to release in October 2021. So if that pans out, we’re barreling towards its launch date.

But if you continue to can’t wait to undertake Windows 11 for yourself, check-in for the Windows Insider Program (if you haven’t already). Signing up gives you exclusive access to Windows 11, also as all of Windows’ newest features.

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Just confine in mind that if you are not within the Dev Channel, you will not get access to the updated Calculator, Snipping Tool, Mail, and Calendar apps just yet. There is no word on when Microsoft plans on releasing the update to all or any other testers.