How to Activate Dark Mode on Your Windows 11 Pc

How to Activate Dark Mode on Your Windows 11 Pc

Here we can see, “How to Activate Dark Mode on Your Windows 11 Pc”

  • As we are all aware, Windows 11’s beta version was leaked a few days ago.
  • Now that the build is out, everyone is checking out all the new features that are accessible.
  • Additionally, Windows 11 features a unique Dark Mode setting that enhances the operating system’s appearance.
  • The procedures that users must follow to activate it are described in this article.

Since a version of the OS leaked, everyone is carefully examining all the features offered by this release and highlighting the positive and negative aspects.

Dark Mode was one characteristic that many people wondered how Windows 11 would change it. However, users are beaming after seeing the end result since it looks great.

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We decided to construct a thorough poll to gather information about how our readers feel about this new Microsoft operating system release and ask questions such as, “Are you going to update to the new MS OS?” and “How do you believe the OS will be called?”

Check out our comprehensive guide on this subject for a detailed analysis of the survey’s findings.

The survey findings were derived from the responses of 6052 users from around the world, with more responses coming from the US but closely followed by the UK, India, Canada, and Australia.

Nevertheless, the findings represent the consensus of thousands of respondents from 152 different nations.

How do I enable Dark Mode?

Activating this feature on the new operating system is exactly as simple as it was on the previous one, so you don’t need to worry at all.

The simplest method is to simply right-click anywhere on the desktop to reveal the little menu. Once you’ve done that, choose Personalize from the list of options.

Note that pressing the Windows key + I will access the Settings menu, where you may choose Personalization to achieve the same results.

The three possible theme options, such as Light, Dark, and Custom, are available by selecting the dropdown menu on the right after clicking the Colors tab.

You can now enjoy your PC’s new appearance by leaving the Settings menu. However, be aware that using Dark Mode, which is easier on the eyes, is also a fantastic way to deal with spending so much time in front of the computer.

When you’re finished, the result should resemble this:

Keep in mind that the Windows 11 OS being leaked is still in its early stages and lacks many of the features and applications that the final build will contain.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Has Windows 11 got an automatic dark mode?

For Windows 10 and 11, an app called Auto Dark Mode allows you to move between these two settings instantly. As seen by its five-star rating on the Microsoft Store, it is incredibly well-liked. This program is available on GitHub and the Windows Store.

2. On Windows 11, how can I alter the light?

On your desktop, select Show more options by performing a right-click. Next, select a Light or Dark option from the Windows mode submenu by moving your mouse over it. This setting alters the taskbar and the Start menu’s color scheme.

3. What dark mode does Windows 10 have?

Go to the “Personalization” menu on your computer to enable dark mode in Windows 10. Many programs’ appearances will change when Windows 10’s dark mode is enabled, and you might find it more comfortable for your eyes. While Windows 10 has its own dark mode options, other products, such as Microsoft Word, also have their own.

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