Reddit Invites Everyone Into Its Bug Bounty Program

Reddit Invites Everyone Into Its Bug Bounty Program

Fancy breaking into Reddit and making some money at precisely exactly the identical moment? You have come to the ideal location.

Fancy a dab hand at breaking into sites for paid? Reddit has printed an insect that anybody can jump on, and you also can make around $10,000 for locating a vulnerability.

Reddit’s Bug Bounty Program for Ethical Hackers

An admin predicted Securimancer made the statement on the Reddit Security subreddit. Reddit had a bug management program, functioning together with HackerOne to help locate defects in the site’s coding. HackerOne is an excellent tool for hackers to produce a living doing what they do.

But for three decades today, the Reddit insect management application has been personal. That meant that just encouraged hackers could assert bounties if they discovered a harness.

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Today, Reddit would like to expand the reach of how folks locate, report, and also receive compensation for insects. To do so, the business has opted to open its insect management application for everybody to test.

You can view every detail about your HackerOne Reddit page. In the time of writing, locating a low-priority harness will net you $100. Even a medium-level one is 500, along with a high-priority harness, will tote you 5,000. At length, a critical-level insect can get you 10,000.

Why Is Reddit Paying Hackers to Hack Them?

It might appear strange that a site is paying individuals so far to break into their systems. It seems kind of like a lender paying robbers to steal cash from them.

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On the other hand, the thought makes much more sense in training. The only way a corporation can 100 per cent make sure that its methods are protected from hackers would be to interrogate hackers.

The hackers who go for all these bug bounties are not enjoyed the dishonest, hooded, Hollywood-esque offenders you see in these films. Today, these people use their abilities to help firms protect themselves from malicious agents, plus they will never use their abilities to hamper their site or its customers.

Therefore, paying hackers to seek out defects within a controlled and lawful fashion is the simplest method for a business to ensure its cybersecurity is topnotch. If they did not payout, hackers would need to find different methods to put their abilities to great use, maybe legal ones.

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Protecting Reddit From Hackers, By Hackers

The perfect method to check a defence would be to pit the actual thing, and also, hackers fit the bill perfectly. Reddit now includes its very own bug bounty board, and why don’t you give it a crack in case you are a dab hand in hacking?

Reddit has to be protected since the site finds 52 million daily traffic. But, that amount still lags behind other sites, such as Twitter’s 187 million.