This new Windows 11 Insider Preview is all about the taskbar

This new Windows 11 Insider Preview is all about the taskbar

Microsoft today shipped out Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.100, and most of the changes and enhancements it’s packing seem to be centered around the taskbar. While there are a few changes to other aspects of Windows, the toolbar is where most of the eye is, whether we’re talking improvements to the notification center or the system tray. Even as well, this new Preview Build is shipping out a boatload of fixes.

The new build goes live today for everybody within the Dev Channel, consistent with a post on the Windows Insider Blog. Therein blog post, Microsoft wastes little time stepping into what’s new, first reminding readers that it’s beginning to roll out chat from Microsoft Teams to Insiders within the Dev Channel, though not most are getting to see it directly.

Microsoft has also updated the hidden icons flyout from the system tray to match the Windows 11 as an entire. If it doesn’t look right after installing the new build, Microsoft says users should switch between two different themes to repair the difficulty. Additionally, the Notification Center has been updated to incorporate a shortcut to focus assist settings, so you’ll customize those without first having to dive into system settings as you are doing on Windows 10.

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We’re also told that this Preview Build offers a replacement spin-on minimized app notifications. Like in Windows 10, apps that are minimized to the taskbar will still flash when background activity requires your attention, but Microsoft says that it’s “updated the planning in order that it still grabs your attention but with a relaxing treatment that minimizes the impact of unwarranted distractions.”

It isn’t entirely clear what the meaning is, so we’ll need to see it in action. Still, the corporate also says that the flashing will now eventually stop and can get replaced with a “slightly red backplate” amid a red pill under the icon so users will still be ready to tell there’s something that needs their attention. Other taskbar updates include an adjusted touch keyboard icon and changes to the taskbar calendar flyout, which will make it “fully collapse down when clicking the chevron within the top corner.”

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Finally, a replacement Microsoft Store is included during this Preview Build that gives improved navigation and animations. To examine all of the fixes shipping alongside this update or ascertain all of the known issues that also exist, hit the Windows Insider Blog link above. Otherwise, download this new build and take it for a spin if you’re within the Dev Channel.