How to: Fix Windows 10 Distributedcom 10016 Error

How to: Fix Windows 10 Distributedcom 10016 Error

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Windows 10 Distributedcom 10016 Error”

  • The distributedcom error 10016 indicates that software is attempting to connect to the DCOM server without the required permissions.
  • The DCOM problem is extremely prevalent, and it persists even after a system upgrade.
  • As illustrated below, the problem can be resolved by deleting some registry keys.
  • Another way to fix distributedcom 10016 Windows 10 is to use dedicated software, such as the one described below, to fix the problem automatically.

On your Windows 10 operating system, you may have experienced the infamous distributedcom 10016 problem or DCOM event ID 10016. It’s a well-known issue that dates back to the Windows 8 period.

Unfortunately, even after an upgrade, the error does not appear to have been resolved. When a program tries to start the DCOM server, it fails owing to a lack of user permissions.

Although the issue is not known to do any severe damage to your operating system, dealing with it on a regular basis might be inconvenient.

It appears to the user as a system error, coupled with a message containing an APPID and CLSID.

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It’s only that both of them are required to allow application-specific permissions and are unique for each program.

Please review the following options for removing the Windows 10 distributedcom 10016.

What is the solution to the DCOM event ID 10016?

1. Remove any registry keys that you don’t need

  1. To open the Run console, use Ctrl + R.
  2. Press Enter or click OK after typing Regedit.
  3. In the Registry, go to the following section:
  4. DefaultAccessPermission, DefaultLaunch, PermissionMachineAccessRestriction, and MachineLaunchRestriction should all be deleted.
  5. Finally, restart your computer to save your modifications.

Before making any changes, it is recommended that you save a backup of your registry values. The solution will work only if you are logged in as an administrator or have administrative permissions.

If you delete the four keys stated above from your registry, the system will be set to default permissions. As a result, those apps that need access to the DCOM Server will finally acquire it.

2. To resolve this issue, use third-party software

Many Windows 10 issues are challenging to identify, and the distributedcom 10016 error is no exception.

As you can see, we have some beautiful solutions here, but if modifying the Registry isn’t your thing, you can use a dedicated solution that will automatically fix the problem.

Give the approach described below a try to fix any Windows 10 faults, including BSoD and DLL issues.

Windows Update is designed to improve your operating system’s overall efficiency, integrate new features, and even upgrade old ones. However, there are situations when mistakes happen out of nowhere.

3. Enable Enough Permissions

  1. As instructed in the first solution, open the Registry Editor.
  2. In the registry, go to the following section:
  3. Expand it until you find the CLSID folder with the same CLSID as the issue.
  4. Select that folder with a right-click.
  5. At the top of the window, you’ll be able to see the owner. The owner must be added to the Administrators group.
  6. At the bottom of the owner window, select Replace all child object permission entries.
  7. A Windows Security warning will appear; click the OK and Yes buttons to proceed.
  8. In the previous permissions window, click the Add button, type Everyone in the available field, and then click the OK button.
  9. At the top of the main permissions window, you’ll notice a list of users. Select Everyone from the user’s list, then allow to give the user Full Control at the bottom.
  10. To apply complete control and save the changes, click OK.
  11. Following that, you must expand the following folder:
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ClassesAppID
  12. Right-click the folder with an APPID identical to the one in the problem message.
  13. To grant necessary rights to the relevant app, repeat steps 5 to 10.
  14. A registry key with a name similar to the service-producing problem will be visible.
  15. Open Control Panel and go to the upper right corner to enable the icons view.
  16. After that, go to Administrative Tools and choose Component Services.
  17. Select My Computer from the Computer menu.
  18. Right-click on the service that’s causing the problem go to Properties, and then to the Security tab.
  19. You can pick Customize on the Launch and Activation Permissions, Access Permissions, and Configuration Permissions categories if you have correctly followed all of the preceding stages to configure permissions in the registry.
  20. On the Launch and Activation Permissions tab, click Edit. (If you get the following warning: one or more permissions items associated have an unknown type, click Remove.)
  21. Now, look for System in the user list. If you can’t find it, click the Add button, type System, and hit the OK button.
  22. You may now pick System from the user’s list in the current window. Select Allow when you see Local Launch and Local Activation.
  23. Click OK and then repeat Step 20 for Access Permissions and Configuration Permissions to save the changes.

Finally, there are some more ClSID and AppID data. Follow the instructions below for each of the values listed in the event logs. After you restart your system, the adjustments will take effect.

Even though the third option appears to be lengthy and time-consuming, it is only advised for customers who cannot repair the error using the previous techniques.


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User Questions

1. What is the solution to the DCOM event ID 10016?

  1. Registry keys should be deleted. To open the Run console, use Ctrl + R.
  2. To resolve this issue, use third-party software. Many Windows 10 issues are difficult to identify, and the distributedcom 10016 error is no exception.
  3. Sufficient Permissions should be enabled.

2. How do you get rid of the Distributedcom error?

Select the Default Properties tab from the drop-down menu. Select (or clear) the Enable Distributed COM on this Computer check box with a click. To enable (or disable) DCOM, click Apply to set other properties for the machine. If not, click OK to save your changes and exit Dcomcnfg.exe.

3. In Windows 10, what is Distributedcom?

DCOM is a programming technique that enables a computer to run programmes on another computer over the network as if they were operating locally. DCOM is a Microsoft proprietary software component that allows COM objects to communicate over the network.

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4. What’s up with all the DistributedCOM errors in Windows

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5. Event ID 10016/DistributedCOM causes PC to shutdown

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