WhatsApp May No Longer Work on Older Devices on January 1


The messaging program may cease to work on devices running old firmware after the new year rolls around.

In case WhatsApp is a normal part of your everyday smartphone use, you might need to be sure that your OS is current. When it is not, you might be looking at losing access to this program in its entirety once the new year rolls around.

TechRadar reports that WhatsApp has verified it will end support for older devices by January 1. That means if you have not updated to iOS 9 or over on iPhone or even Android 4.0.3 or above on Android, you can observe the program go dim. That is the worst-case scenario. Other users could eliminate access to program attributes.

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To avert this unsavory result, ensure that the device you are using is up to date, as much as it could be. You will also need to look at your version of WhatsApp to make sure it is up to date. In case your OS version is higher than iOS 9 or even Android 4.0.3, you can rest assured your WhatsApp accessibility is secure,

It is possible your device is not capable of updating where WhatsApp will stay compatible. If that is true, you might have to switch to a different telephone to keep on utilizing the program. That may be your only alternative.

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This is not something localized just to WhatsApp. Programs “outgrow” apparatus quite frequently. All these OS models are a lot old as it is. That is why you must keep up with software upgrades and pick up new mobiles or tablet computers through recent years.

For individuals struggling to keep on utilizing WhatsApp on older devices, there’s a silver lining. It would help if you still could get into the program via PC for now. It is advised that you pick up a brand new phone soon, however. Otherwise, you are going to be locked out earlier than later.

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