How to: Fix Vpn Not Working With Asus Router

How to: Fix Vpn Not Working With Asus Router

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Vpn Not Working With Asus Router”

  • We can assist you if your Asus router refuses to accept VPN connections. Check out our quick-repair guide below.
  • Set sure your router firmware is up to current, and make an exemption in the firewall for your VPN service, among other things.

Some consumers claim that their VPN doesn’t work with their Asus router. This issue appears to affect a variety of Asus routers, both old and new.

It’s quite inconvenient to run into this problem when you require Internet connectivity, especially if everything was working great up until that point.

However, no matter what router you have, you may easily fix it by following our recommendations below.

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What to do if VPN doesn’t work with Asus router?

1. Check and update your Asus router firmware to the latest version

    1. Go to in a web browser (available for Asus routers)
    2. Access the Asus control panel.
    3. Select Administration > System from the drop-down menu. Check to see if any new updates are available.
    4. Select Firmware Upgrade.
    5. Wait for the procedure to finish.
    6. For 30 seconds, turn off your router.
    7. Verify that your VPN connection is operational.

Whether we’re talking about an Asus router or another type, it’s vital to keep your firmware up to date.

2. Add an exception in the system firewall

    1. Click Firewall & network protection after pressing the Start button and typing firewall.
    2. Allow an app to pass past the firewall
    3. Change the settings (you need admin rights)
    4. Find your VPN application on this list.
    5. For your VPN, enable the Private and Public choices.
    6. Allow another app to find your VPN if it isn’t already there.

These instructions ensure that VPN communication is not blocked by your system firewall. It should help with VPN connection problems, but the solution isn’t router-specific.

3. Check if your antivirus is blocking VPN traffic

If you have an anti-malware program installed and Windows Defender, it may be preventing your VPN connection.

All you have to do is add your VPN service to your antivirus solution’s whitelist to prevent it from being blocked again.

4. Use a reliable VPN client

Suppose you want to preserve your online privacy and keep your home network safe from prying eyes. In that case, we recommend using a premium VPN service like Private Internet Access.

5. Allow VPN passthrough on your Asus router

    1. Access your Asus router panel at using a web browser.
    2. Please enter your login credentials (default is admin for username and password)
    3. WAN > NAT Passthrough > Advanced Settings
    4. DEPENDING ON THE VPN PROTOCOL YOU’RE USING, enable PPTP Passthrough, L2TP Passthrough, or IPsec Passthrough.
    5. Select Apply.

Depending on whatever VPN protocol you use to make the connection, you’ll need to enable NAT Passthrough on your Asus router for it to operate (PPTP, L2TP, and IPsec only).

However, if you aren’t going to use all of the protocols, you shouldn’t allow passthrough for them. One of the few risks of utilizing a VPN on a router is exposing your home network to security risks.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Can an Asus router restrict VPN connections?

Many of these include filtering for users and restricting VPN connections for geo-restrictions, network administrator settings, and even programs like firewall and anti-malware software.

2. What’s wrong with my VPN router?

Check your network settings, change your server, make sure the right ports are open, disable the firewall, and reinstall your VPN program if your VPN software isn’t operating properly. If none of the solutions below work, you should contact your VPN provider.

3. On my Asus router, how can I turn off VPN?

Go to Options to access the Network & Internet settings. Select VPN from the menu on the left-hand side. Select a VPN connection from the list to disable it. To terminate the connection, simply click Disconnect.

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