Volkswagen Will Use Microsoft Azure in Self-Driving Cars


It’s another major success for Microsoft because it begins to spread its net into the self-driving car market.

Microsoft is keen to urge into the self-driving car market, but it doesn’t have any expertise in designing and building a car. However, it can supply the brains behind a sensible car, and Volkswagen is curious about using Microsoft’s services for its vehicles.

Microsoft and Volkswagen’s Partnership for Automatic Cars

News of this partnership broke over on Reuters. Volkswagen is bringing on Microsoft to assist it forced an entry the planet of self-driving cars.

Volkswagen owns a couple of different car companies, like Audi, Porshe, and Lamborghini. the matter was, engineers in each company were taking their route towards designing a self-driving car rather than sharing information.

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To solve this, Volkswagen put all of its self-driving car engineers into one big group, called Car. Software. the thought was that the group could unite and make one smart car platform that Volkswagen could use for all of its cars.

However, because it clothed, different engineers within Car. The software was still using other platforms to develop their code. As such, Volkswagen turned to Microsoft to assist give everyone a base platform to figure off.

This doesn’t mean that Volkswagen’s cars are running off of Windows 10. Microsoft has another Azure platform intended to attach the Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

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If this sounds familiar, it’s because it is the same service that Microsoft offered to Cruise for its self-driving cars. Now it’s clear that the Cruise deal wasn’t a one-off deal; Microsoft is serious about getting cars to run on Azure.

Given how well Azure performs for Microsoft, it’s unsurprising that the software giant wants to strike while the iron is hot. the mixture of Microsoft’s Azure and Xbox services has earned the corporate a tidy profit during the pandemic.

As such, there is a considerable incentive to urge Azure onto self-driving cars to offer it a right more significant presence within the world of smart devices. Whether or not Azure becomes a serious player within the smart car world is yet to be seen.

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Starting the Engine for Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is already an enormous money-maker for the tech giant, which suggests that the corporate is perfect for diversifying into new territories. Both Cruise and Volkswagen’s self-driving cars will use Microsoft Azure as their foundation, which may potentially become a significant player in the way forward for automobiles.

In an odd twist of fate, the old rivalry between Microsoft and Apple is spreading into the planet of smart cars. Rather than only supplying car manufacturers with the “smart” part, Apple intends to provide complete “Apple Cars” by 2024.