Veteran Apple Software Manager Kim Vorrath Moves to the AR Team As Apple Ramps Up AR Headset Development Efforts


The CNET report also said that the apparatus would encourage both virtual reality and augmented reality.

Advice on Apple’s AR/VR job has been rare and blended because there’s absolutely no official announcement on the same.  Though a few have even reported that the job was scrapped, some have said that Apple is working on and analyzing multiple AR/VR jobs.  Bloomberg has reported that Apple creates a system that may use custom iOS-based applications, a fact working program, or “rOS.”

Leading Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple is working on innovative eyeglasses that will rely upon the iPhone as an attachment.

Among Apple’s key software executives, Kim Vorrath was transferred into the augmented reality branch to “bring some sequence” in a time when Apple is busy ramping up its own AR hardware improvement efforts.  Vorrath continues to be head of application management for Apple’s applications development for the last 15 decades.

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She’s presently going to concentrate on the AR staff headed by Mike Rockwell, Apple’s VP for both AR and VR.  Rockwell reports to Apple’s senior VR for hardware technology Dan Riccio and oversees a group with close to a dozen guide reports involved in various applications, content and hardware projects linked to AR and VR.  Vorrath’s part in the software team is probably going to be taken up by Stacey Lysik.

Based on reports, Vorrath has been transferred to the AR branch to “bring some sequence.”

Previous reports have described her as the “field marshal” for applications teams in Apple and a reliable hands whose leadership style that the firm may depend on to squeeze results from its long-anticipated AR hardware improvement efforts.  She was always exploited for this experience to help steer software development for Apple’s much-rumored augmented reality headset under development.

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A report earlier in the month had implied that Apple had disbanded the AR group, but that report appeared to have been incorrect given Apple’s next moves that are regarded as a bid to fortify its AR project.

Apple is yet to disclose some information on its own augmented reality headset job but numerous reports and patent filings give credence to the feeling that something big is in the works on this front.