How to Transfer Playlist from iPhone to itunes

How to Transfer Playlist from iPhone to itunes

Here we can see “How to Transfer Playlist from iPhone to iTunes

“I accidentally deleted my iTunes playlists, but they’re still on my iPhone. How am I able to copy them to iTunes?”

Have you ever run into an equivalent problem as stated above? If you are doing, don’t fret. There are some practical methods you’ll use to transfer playlists from iPhone to iTunes successfully. Before proceeding, confirm you’ve had the newest version of iTunes installed on your computer. Then, have your iPhone prepared and follow our step-by-step instructions to transfer iPhone playlists to iTunes. 

How to Transfer Playlists from iPhone to iTunes

The step of transferring playlists from iPhone to iTunes is fairly simple. However, during the method, you would encounter problems like iPhone can’t hook up with iTunes or iPhone playlists not exposure in iTunes issue if you meet these problems, quick to repair them before moving on. 

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the pc and run iTunes.

Step 2. Under the “On My Device” section, choose “Playlist.” 

Step 3. From the proper panel, select the playlist you would like. 

Step 4. Click “File” within the upper-left corner of iTunes > Choose “Library” > Choose “Export Playlist” > Give the export file a reputation > Select “Save.”

Step 5. Return to iTunes interface, select “File” within the upper-left corner of the screen > “Library“> “Import Playlist“> Select the file you create. 

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How to Export Playlists without iTunes

There are no direct thanks to export playlists without using iTunes. But you’ll achieve an equivalent goal by directly exporting music from iPhone. to try to do this, you will need a music transfer tool like EaseUS MobiMover to assist. EaseUS MobiMover enables you to transfer data from iPhone to PC without effort as a well-liked and practical iPhone data transfer tool. Aside from music, it also supports transferring contacts, messages, notes, calendars, etc. 

Now, let’s examine the way to transfer music from iPhone to Windows with EaseUS MobiMover.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac and run EaseUS MobiMover > Tap “Trust” on your iPhone if asked > Click “Content Management” > Select “Audio” > “Music.”

Step 2. Select desired songs that you want to transfer > Choose a secure location on your PC to transfer. You’ll also navigate a replacement and secure location on your PC to transfer and save the chosen songs by clicking “Settings” at the proper top corner.

Step 3. Click “Transfer to PC” to end the method, then wait patiently until the transferring process finishes. 


That’s all about our guide on the way to transfer playlists from iPhone to iTunes. As you see, the method is extremely simple. Aside from playlists, we guess that you can also transfer music from iPhone to iTunes or transfer other data to iTunes or a computer. Regardless of what sorts of data you would like to transfer, let EaseUS MobiMover assist you in rolling in the hay quickly. 

User Questions:

  1. Why can’t I add a playlist to my iPhone?

Hey all, I’m an entire iPhone newbie, so please excuse me if this is often a stupid question!

So I just created a playlist in iTunes, and I am trying to transfer it to my iPhone. My iPhone is plugged in and appears in my sidebar, but once I attempt to drag the playlist over, it just won’t work. The playlist won’t transfer, and that I do not know why.

  1. Can’t transfer music from iTunes to iPhone

What gives? Now that I even have this massive drive on my iPhone 7, I would like to try to take a one-time bulk transfer of all my music from iTunes on my computer to my iPhone, then all cloud-based. Within the iPhone music settings, I turned off Apple Music and, therefore, the cloud syncing. I plug the iPhone into my Mac, and within the iPhone prefs in iTunes, I set music to sync the entire library. This instantly shows what proportion more room will be haunted on the drive usage bar at rock bottom, but once I hit done/apply, it instantly goes back to the old drive space graph and doesn’t transfer anything.

I examine some workaround creating a sensible playlist with all of your music then downloading it all from the cloud. Screw that. The author said it took about three days to try their 4,500 tracks. I have 15,000 I would like to transfer.

The process worked without a hitch a short time back with my iPad Pro on iOS 9. So what’s the difficulty now?

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  1. The way to put my Itunes data on my FP3?

I’ve just bought an FP3, and that I want to transfer my data from my iPhone to my FP3. Unfortunately, my iPhone died at some point before I receive my new phone… so now I even have only an Itunes backup to transfer all this data. But I don’t skills to place it on my FP3. Any help?

  1. Help with Video/photos transfer

I can use having these videos on my iPad or iPhone; it doesn’t need to be in 4K. But am I able to download the SD card (videos) to my phone? Or use a cable from the I1 to the Phone/iPad? can anyone provide me a link or a fast explanation of how to roll in the hay? For now, I even have it all on the cards, and my Mac, maybe from my Mac, could also be easier ???