Xbox Creator Nat Brown Joins Apple


It doesn’t yet appear on the graphics-specific software that Brown will be working on in Apple or if he’s linking the Apple shadowy Apple AR/VR team.  Apple has not revealed much on the hiring.  Nonetheless, it is occurring at a time when Apple continues to be devoting its attempts on a combined reality headset that’s the tech giant is looking to start in early 2020.  Apple has created other noteworthy VR-related hires from yesteryears, such as Sterling Crispin, the programmer of the Cyber Paint VR program, and Arthur van Hoff who’s a co-founder of all Jaunt.

Brown broke the news about his new gig through Twitter, saying that he had been looking forward to keeping on working on his “obsessions” by focusing on all of the applications of images in addition to working with any other third parties that are using images on the Apple platforms.

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Brown worked with many interpersonal networking firms before he combined Valve in 2015.  He had been the Chief Technical Officer in and VP of engineering at MySpace.  From the 90s, he spent 7 years at Microsoft, where he had been a part of a small group of engineers who developed the first Xbox that was called “Project Midway” at the moment.

Valve had said that the staff cuts were “an unfortunate section of company” but highlighted that these project cuts failed to constitute “some significant modifications” in the tech firm.