why does gta 5 keep crashing

why does gta 5 keep crashing

Here we can see “why does GTA 5 keep crashing

Grand Theft Auto requires no introduction, and it’s a game that has made our childhood more memorable. the Game is still among its kind and undoubtedly the best; for those who haven’t played this game, the Game features a cocktail of action, adventure, open world, shooter, and fighting genres. Our main topic is that today’s guide is predicated on the GTA 5 Crashing issue randomly. the difficulty is restricted to PC users only. If you’re also facing this crash issue, follow this guide. We’ll be talking about all the causes of this issue also as possible and dealing with ways to repair this issue.

Causes of GTA 5 Crashing Randomly Problem

Talking of the causes, some known issues might trigger the crashes, several of which are quite common and obvious. the primary cause is often the difficulty with the game files; for a few reasons, you would possibly face the difficulty if the game files get corrupted or missing. Furthermore, if your system cannot run the Game during a high graphics setting, the difficulty persists. Also, some common things are overlooked, like running the Game using administrator privileges, keeping the graphics driver and Game updated.

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How to Fix GTA 5 Crashing Randomly Problem Issue

To fix the startup issue, we’ve gathered all the possible solutions that can be useful to repair the difficulty.

1. Run Game with Enough RAM

If you’re trying to run the Game with a coffee RAM resource, then the crash is extremely common to occur. If any programs are running, kindly close them, then try running the Game. If it doesn’t work, set the Game to high priority by following the below GTA 5 Crashing pc steps.

STEP 1. While the game is running, head to the Desktop by pressing the Windows key

STEP 2. Now open Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+Delete

STEP 3. While you’re within the process tab, locate GTA, then right-click choose Details

STEP 4. you’ll be directed to the small print tab, again right-click > Set priority > High

STEP 5. Once the priority has been set, run the Game 

2. Verify Integrity of Game Files

This GTA 5 Crashing on loading screen method will ensure that the game files are fine and there are no issues. The below steps are for the Steam client.

STEP 1. attend the Steam Libray

STEP 2. Now right click on GTA V and attend Properties

STEP 3. Head to the Local Files tab, and below click on the Verify Integrity Of Game files button

STEP 4. Let the method run and once the method is completed, run the Game 

3. Run the Game with Medium to Low Graphics

If your system doesn’t have a high specification or powerful GPU, it’s recommended that you run the Game with medium to low graphics settings so that you’ll get to understand the way to fix GTA 5 Crashing.

STEP 1. attend the most menu of the Game then Settings > Graphics

STEP 2. Now lower down the below settings

  • Texture
  • Shader
  • Shadow
  • Reflection
  • Grass

STEP 3. Once done, try running the game now

4. Run the Game with Administrator Permission

One of the common and overlooked causes behind the GTA 5 Crashing issue randomly is running the Game without administrator permission.

STEP 1. While you’re on the Desktop, right-click on the launcher file and choose an open folder location

STEP 2. Now locate the launcher file

STEP 3. Once you’ve got to seek out the launcher file, right-click thereon and choose Run as administrator

5. Important Troubleshooting Points

If you’ve tried all of the above methods and therefore the GTA 5 Crashing on startup pc issue persists, undergo the below points and check them out.

  • Update your GPU driver
  • Update System also as Game
  • Run the Game with Windows 7 compatibility mode


The above guide talks about all the ways you’ll fix the GTA 5 Crashing issue. We’ve talked about all the possible causes of this issue also.

User Questions:


All drivers are OK 

Windows Defender – I7 9700K – GTX 960 – DDR4 32 GB RAM.

Remove local profile – don’t work 

Windows Defender – off don’t work

Still crashing pls update GTA! 

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2. GTA V Keeps Freezes then Crash for no reason

My GTA keeps crashing for no reason, story mode, and Online. Regardless of where I’m playing, the Game randomly freezes and stays a short time before it crashes. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do to prevent the crash when it freezes. Can anyone help me solve this problem?

3. Game Keeps Crashing

So basically, my game keeps crashing after about 15-30 minutes. Once I crash, I buy a message saying Corrupt Game Data. The steps I’ve taken thus far (in this order) are to update drivers, verify game integrity, clean my entire PC, deleted my main character, reinstalled Game, verified game integrity again, and its still crashing. I do not know what to try to do and that I could use some help. I’ll put an image of the error below.

4. GTA 5 keeps crashing

Every 1 minute, it keeps freezing and crashes. I attempted verifying files two times, and it still keeps freezing. So I’m playing the Steam version.