Uninstall Oracle 12c

Uninstall Oracle 12c

The practice of Uninstall Oracle 12c is like that of uninstallation of all how Oracle Database 11g saves many of the past couples of actions. Thus without wasting time, let us jump forward and find out how to re-install Oracle database 12c out of Windows 7.

The practice of Uninstall Oracle 12c you’re likely to find out in this tutorial will probably be MANUAL. So before proceeding further, I’d suggest you’re very cautious before deleting anything or making any adjustments.

That said, let us proceed and then download Oracle 12c out of the system.

Step 1: Delete Environment Variable.

Preventing the environmental factor could help save you from different mistakes in the event you’re looking to get into the Oracle program. Installment gets stuck often due to PRVF-3929 error saying that “Environment variable route is too long.” To avert this mistake and guarantee a glitch-free setup of Oracle applications, it is suggested to delete the environment variable entrance of your Oracle Home.

Environment variable entrance is the route towards this “Bin” directory within the Oracle Home directory also looks something like this.

C:\app\YOUR USERNAME \product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\bin;

How to Delete Environment Variable

Click on your Computer Icons and then Select “Properties.” Subsequently, from the left-hand panel of the System Properties Windows, Select “Advance System Settings.” This may open “System Properties” Windows.

Within the “System Properties” Windows, visit the “Advance” Tab and choose “Environment Variable.”

About the “Environment Variable” Window within the “System Variable Section,” Locate the entry with the title “Course,” double click, and start it. Doing this will open an “Edit System Variable” dialog box. On that dialog box below the “Variable value area,” locate your Oracle Home entrance and Delete it.

Step 2: Delete Registries

Throughout the setup, the Oracle database creates some registries in the windows method to store the data of its settings and for good performance of Oracle Windows Services. On Uninstall Oracle Database 12c entirely from the system, you want to correctly stop all of the Oracle database providers that run on the desktop. Additionally, if you’re planning to mind the Oracle Database applications, you must also delete all configuration settings.

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Simply speaking, to make sure the smooth and errorless re-installation of almost any edition of Oracle database applications, without breaking up your computer, you have to delete all of the Oracle Database Registries.

Registries are a highly delicate portion of almost any windows system; hence messing together may be devastating and damage your system. Therefore, be cautious when cleaning them. I would strongly advise you to take their copy.

How to Delete the Oracle Registries

To delete any recorder, you want first to get them, and from windows, all of the registries are put within the “Registry Editors.” To get the Registry Editor open your Run Dialogue Box by pressing on Run Windows Key and then key concurrently, or you can instantly search RUN on your menu.

Press Win Key + R –> Run Dialouge Box
Write regedit in text box.

As soon as you’ve your Run Dialogue box started, subsequently, compose “regedit” to it and then press enter. This can create your “Registry Editor.”

Now first, we must delete the Oracle Software” Registry. To get this registry to go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and after that, go to subdirectory SOFTWARE. Beneath the program — hunt for directory “Oracle.” As soon as you’ve attained this directory, then Delete and right-click it.


Next, we must delete all of the registries to Oracle Database Services. To get these registries to go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and after that, go to subdirectory “Systems” afterward “CurrentControlSet” then “Services.” Underneath the Services directory, you need to find each of the Registries liable to your Oracle database providers.

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In case Oracle Database 12c is the sole product from Oracle that’s installed on your system, then hunt for all of the registries whose titles begin with Oracle and Publish them. In case you’ve got other goods out of Oracle installed in your system, then be mindful and delete so. From the screenshot below, you can view a few overall Oracle Service Registries.


Info Byte

How to back up your registries:

  1. To copy the “Oracle Software” Registry, visit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE within the registry editor, then select SOFTWARE. Click it and then pick EXPORT, pick a place, give it a title, and click Save.
  2. To back up Oracle Database Services registries, visit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE within the registry editor, and following that, visit subdirectory “Systems” afterward “CurrentControlSet.” Right-click CurrentControlSet and choose export, then select a destination and then give it a title.

Step 3: Restart your system.

Next, you need to restart your machine, for your operating system may combine all of the configurations that we changed.

Step 4: Delete the Oracle Home Directory

An Oracle house is a directory to which Oracle software is installed. As soon as you’ve deleted all of the registries of all Oracle Database 12c, you’re free to disable the Oracle home directory in the system manually. To delete Oracle Home, open your computer up and proceed into your C drive and another industry in which you have installed on your Oracle database 12c. Go to the APP directory compared to this directory with your username, select all of the files, and delete them. If you would like to save copies, then don’t delete flash_recovery_area.

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If your folder isn’t getting deleted, then do not worry. First, attempt and refresh your machine, or it is also possible to reboot the device then try deleting. When it’s not deleting, subsequently re-check the professional services and registries and determine if you’ve deleted all of the oracle registries or perhaps maybe never. Otherwise, then delete the ones who are left and then try deleting the Oracle database again.

Step 5: Delete Directory from Program File

Then visit your application file directory and look for a folder using the title Oracle. I’ve got one here and delete it.

Step 6: Delete Directory from Start Menu.

Next, you need to delete the directory in the start menu. For this, visit “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs” and search to the Oracle Folder and then delete it.

Step 7: Clear the Temporary files and Recycle bin

Open your Run dialog box and write %temp% that this will open the temporary folder and then, after that, delete all of the documents. Then visit your desktop computer and empty the recycle bin.

Step 8: Delete the Oracle user

The previous step is to disable the Oracle home user we generated during the Oracle database setup. To accomplish this, right-click “Computer Icon” and choose “Manage.” Within the personal computer management window “Local User Groups,” and then open and click “Users” folders. In the listing of this consumer, it is possible to delete those that you’ve made within an Oracle home consumer through the setup. In my situation, its RebellionRider. Right-click and select Delete.

That is all men within this section on how best to uninstall Oracle Database 12c. I hope that this tutorial was helpful to you.