Twitter verifications return again for users who really want a blue badge

Twitter verifications return again for users who really want a blue badge

Twitter opened its public verifications tool back up around one month after the last pause. Anyone with a Twitter account can apply for their small blue badge. Twitter warns that not all users will request verification at first, but anyone who does not see it should continue checking.

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Twitter verifications verify that an account owner is honest. After verification, users are given a small badge that shows others their identity. This helps to avoid scammers pretending they are celebrities or political leaders.

It has been a complicated history with verification. After criticism about a verified white supremacist, Twitter closed its public verification process for many years. Instead, it elected to verify accounts behind the scenes using its criteria. Things changed late last year with the promise of public verifications returning.

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This promise was kept when public verifications were launched in early summer. However, it was only weeks later that Twitter stopped them again. In mid-August, Twitter mistook verified an account that was attributed to Cormac McCarthy. This was the latest pause.

Twitter Verified has updated the matter with a statement that the company is “rolling out access for you to request a blue-coloured badge.” According to the company, if you do not have access to this tool yet, please keep checking your account settings to see when it will be available.