Twitter Spaces Available to Users with Over 600 Followers

Twitter Spaces Available to Users with Over 600 Followers

If you’re cool enough, you’ll use Twitter Spaces. For the uninitiated, Twitter Spaces is an audio product almost like Clubhouse. 

This is an alternate if you continue to haven’t received your invite to Clubhouse, an audio streaming app employed by Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. 

With Twitter Spaces, you’ll host and participate in live audio conversations hosted in Spaces or audio chat rooms. 

Twitter Spaces Brings Conversations to Life in a Different Way

Twitter Spaces was introduced last year. the corporate has been testing it with a limited group. 

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The team at Twitter Spaces found that hearing the voices of individuals could bring conversations on this platform to life in a different new way. 

Before, Twitter Spaces was only available to choose individuals. But now, it’s expanded to accounts with over 600 followers on Twitter. 

Twitter said that these accounts are likely to urge a direct experience once they host live conversations because they need an existing audience. 

With Twitter Spaces, you’ll connect with your favorite musician, athlete, or anyone. you’ll probe the conversations you care about with individuals you know and, therefore, the people you would like to understand. 

How to Use Twitter Spaces?

When you follow someone who starts during Space, it’ll show up at the highest of your timeline. As a listener, you’ll join an area to react to what you’re hearing. you’ll also inspect pinned tweets or follow along with side captions. you’ll also request to talk. 

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On the other hand, if you join Space as a speaker, you’ll pin Tweets to the chat room, activate the captions, and tweet the chat room so your followers can enter. 

You’re on top of things of the Space you create. That is, you’ll control who can speak and therefore the topics to be discussed. 

Similar to Clubhouse

As mentioned, Twitter Spaces is analogous to Clubhouse, which is an invite-only audio, social network. But there are significant differences. 

For instance, Twitter Spaces isn’t a standalone service, unlike Clubhouse. Twitter Spaces is integrated into Twitter. 

Upcoming Features

Twitter also announced teasing future features that will be coming within the next few months. One part to seem forward to is that the ability to sell tickets to an occasion on Spaces. 

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Users will soon have the capacity to schedule Spaces chats beforehand. They will set reminders to their followers whenever Space is close to commencing. 

Twitter is additionally working with co-hosting features. Currently, when a number leaves a talk room, the conversation ends. But, within the future, a co-host can take over when the most host leaves the Space.