Twitter: Impact of iOS 14 tracking changes ‘lower than expected’

Twitter: Impact of iOS 14 tracking changes 'lower than expected'

Twitter announced total revenue of $1.19B in Q2, up 74% year on year.

Twitter has told investors that the impact of tracking changes made in iOS 14 was “lower than expected”.

Twitter announced that it had made $1.19B in revenue in its quarterly income statement, up 74% on an equivalent period last year. the corporate said that this marked better-than-expected performance across all of its major products and geographics, and robust revenue helped generated better-than-expected profitability. the corporate says it now has 206 million monetizable daily active users.

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Concerning Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency measures, unrolled earlier this year, the corporate stated that it had issued prompts to 100% of iOS 14.5 users (or higher), which it had extended support for SKAdNetwork’s view-through attribution capabilities to its Mobile Measurement Partners, helping them to watch the performance of opt-in versus opt-out audiences. the corporate stated that “these integrations allow advertisers to measure and understand the worth that Twitter delivers”. Overall, Twitter said the mixing performed well, which whilst it had been too early to assess the long-term impact of the changes, “Q2 revenue impact related to ATT was less than expected.”

Twitter also said it’s been encouraged by the first uptake of Twitter Blue and looked forward to adding more features and rolling out the service to users beyond Canada and Australia.

The company stated that looking ahead, it expects revenue to outpace expenses in 2021, providing that the pandemic continues to enhance, which it continues to ascertain “modest impact” from iOS 14.5 and ATT.

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