Thermomix tm31 Error 38

Thermomix tm31 Error 38

Here we can see “Thermomix tm31 Error 38”

Repair error 38 of your thermomix TM 31

Error 38 is generally a digital collapse of the electricity board or the engine itself.

Both platforms are repairable. Fix has a lot of benefits.

No crap waste is created as we continue to utilize our mended module.

It is cheaper. Replacing the broken part of this module is more affordable than placing a brand new module.

The guarantee is just like in case you place it in brand new. A period of SIX MONTHS.

Even the thermomix TM 31 is arguably among the toughest and most operational machines in the German producer Vorwerk.

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Error 38 in Thermomix TM31

Carlos, site reader, inquires:

My mum’s thermomix will get an error of 38. I’ve disassembled it, and the challenge is using the energy plate because I’ve changed it to get mine and it functions, and mine would be your error. I’ve looked, and I don’t find any terrible parts. I’ve disassembled the transistors and confirmed they are good. What can more elements give this error? Is it a relay? I haven’t checked them.

AleX (Tech ) reacts:

This error is connected with the engine. You need to assess the Triacs (that you state you’ve previously done). Then, examine the remainder: diodes, capacitors, etc…

There’s a tiny ceramic capacitor that occasionally goes and provides error 39.

39 or 38 is practically precisely the same.


I desold that the trials and assessed they weren’t crossed or gave seriously, but I am not certain they function flawlessly.

Diodes are great for me personally and capacitors also, though I have not desoldered them to check independently.

I don’t know if there’ll be an SMD resistor that functions as a fuse, so it’s hard for me to quantify them since I’ve lacquer over the welds.

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I’ll keep searching, and maybe not. But, first, I shall alter each of the transistors to determine if any offer me a false dimension.

Thank you very much, Alex. Should I find out, I will inform you.

Alex (Technical)

I’ve got a Power plank with this error, and I can not locate the fault. But, unfortunately, it occurs to me such as you.


I’ve ordered all of the IGBTs, and I am likely to change all of 6. I feel some are great for me, and they aren’t. This is the way I cover myself. If they arrive, change them and inform you.

Alex (Technical) Let’s

See whether you’re blessed. If you eliminate the little cable which extends to the engine plate, it provides error 37, and in certain instances, the engine has also provided me error 39.

It’s all related. Also, assess all these components. Then, when I had the chance to try out a different machine, it’d be ideal.

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User Query:


My thermo is revealing error 38. I’ve turned off it pulled the plug, and it shows error 38. What can I do? Could someone help me?

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