USB Mass Storage Device Error Code 38

USB Mass Storage Device Error Code 38

Here we can see “USB Mass Storage Device Error Code 38”


Four computers: Desktop A, Desktop B, Notebook A, Notebook B

Software (equivalent overall servers): Office 2013, Sage 50 Simply Accounting, Sage Act CRM, Adobe XI Reader, FortiClient 5.x, Meraki Systems Manager (MDM)

OS: Desktop A/B & Notebook B are operating Windows 7 x64 Professional, Notebook A Windows 7 x64 House Premium

Hardware: Desktops are custom constructed and indistinguishable, w/Gigabyte motherboards, 8GB RAM, Core i3. Notebook A is Asus K53E. Notebook B can be currently Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E540,

USB: Desktops A/B and Notebook B possess USB 2.0 + 3.0 interfaces. Notebook An single has USB 2.0 Notice: most of the apparatus Remain in the workplace in Any Way times and therefore are powered on 24/7

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A client has four computers, even following a couple of weeks of usage, the brand-new desktops A/B undergone USB “problems.” The under error will seem if you plug USB flash drives:

(Windows can’t load the device driver for this hardware because the prior instance of the device driver is still in memory. (Code 38)

In this period, Notebook A seasoned no such troubles. If the background computer is canceled, the USB device would be normal ( could be unplugged/plugged back on an unlimited number of occasions ) to the remaining part of the afternoon (approx. 24 hours) until the identical error would seem the morning after. The only method to clean the malfunction and use the USB device would be to reboot.

3-4 Months after ( difficulty persists ), Notebook A was reformatted ( for reasons not associated with USB problem ). In the very first couple weeks of work with the notebook worked normally, but once it experienced the very exact problems as both desktops.

1-2 Months after ( difficulty persists ), a brand fresh Laptop was bought (Notebook B) using a mill Windows 7 picture. In the very first couple weeks of work with the notebook worked normally, but once it experienced the very exact problems as both desktops and another notebook. Desktop A has been taken out of the workplace and introduced into another workplace for analysis (without changing anything), and it’s worked for two weeks straight without any USB problems.

Timeline (approximation)

Week 1: New laptops are set up at the workplace – (currently complete of 3 computers at the office)

Week 4: Desktops experienced USB error (signal 38)

Week 16: Notebook A was reformatted

Week 18: Notebook A Knowledgeable same USB error

Week 22: Notebook B has been bought – ( currently complete of 4 computers at the workplace )

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Week 24: Notebook B underwent the same USB error

Week 24: Desktop A eliminated from the office

Week 28: Desktop B and Notebook A/B still undergo the same USB error, whereas Desktop A is practical ( out of the workplace )

Procedure for removal

  • It can’t be hardware since it’s occurred to 3 different devices.
  • Not a problem with OS picture. Three distinct installation mediums were utilized.
  • There is a problem with the brand/type of flash drive, but the two USB 2.0 and 3.0 apparatuses are attempted, together with new out-of-box apparatuses. The issue happens on both the USB 2.0 and 3.0 interfaces on the computers.

What might it be?

  • The applications which have been installed on the computers?
  • virus/spyware/malware etc. ?
  • . . .and why would Desktop A function if nothing has been done?

Next steps/actions

  • Deliver Desktop A rear to the workplace, wait and watch what happens
  • Attract new notebook into office, using nude Windows 7 and also no applications installed, only networked

User Queries:


Total error: Windows Can’t load the device driver for this hardware because an earlier instance of this device driver remains in memory (code 38). The driver Couldn’t be loaded as a previous version remains in memory. (USB Mass Storage Device Error Code 38)

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My Computer was great!! But now I have been getting problems with any USB device I plug. I possess the chime to inform me it’s been plugged, but nothing shows in my personal PC.

When assessing the device manager, I see the error above with a yellow triangle. I began with taking away the apparatus and assessing that it works on a different computer. It will.

Rebooted the PC, nevertheless the same. I flashed the unit, plugged still did not do the job. Assessed for motorists, and it’d shown to possess the very best drivers. Employed other famous operating USBs – didn’t do the job.

I conducted the troubleshoot choice, and it’d request me to reboot since it discovered problems. Therefore, when I booted again and plugged it into my device! Yay! Till I slit it (firmly ), then plugged it into a different, and it would not do the job again.

So I then moved into the device manager again, then chose to display hidden devices, then flashed them, and rebooted. Again this functioned temporarily, did the preceding evaluation of ejecting, and nothing else had been seen.

I can’t find them in disk control to try and sort them. So I am stuck about what to do. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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2. Hello, Yes, when I flashed the offending apparatus, I then plugged them again. Can work discover for the whole period of the period it had been plugged? However, if I piled (firmly ) along with the plug-in – it goes back to not working out. This is a wholly new PC out of a PC specialist. And they proposed to upgrade the chipset drivers, but definitely, I don’t have to do so because it is new? I’m was just miserable because it is brand new.