The Slack Cheat Sheet: Shortcuts, Commands, and Syntax to Know

The Slack Cheat Sheet: Shortcuts, Commands, and Syntax to Know

Here we can see, “The Slack Cheat Sheet: Shortcuts, Commands, and Syntax to Know”

Discover Slack shortcuts, special commands, and other exciting Slack tricks with this cheat sheet.

Slack tops the present crop of digital workspace tools. It’s powerful enough to handle both huge teams and sophisticated projects well.

If you employ Slack at work, you’ll likely agree that its layout and have set quite complex. Fortunately, both these elements are strategically and straightforward to use. But with such a lot happening within the interface, it’s quite natural to miss out on several features unless you look for them specifically.

To remedy that, we decided to compile the simplest Slack tips into a cheat sheet for you. It contains keyboard shortcuts, search tricks, formatting syntax, and special commands to speed up your Slack workflow. And therefore, the better part is that you can use all of them without taking your hands off the keyboard!

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The Slack Cheat Sheet : Shortcuts, Commands, and Syntax to Know

Shortcut Action
Keyboard Shortcuts
On a Mac keyboard, press Option instead of Alt and Cmd instead of Ctrl for shortcuts.
Ctrl + k OR
Ctrl + g OR
¹Ctrl + t
Open Quick Switcher
Ctrl + Shift + k Browse DMs
¹Ctrl + Shift + t Open Threads view
²Ctrl + Shift + a Open All Unreads view
Ctrl + Shift + l Browse channel list
³Alt + Down Arrow Jump to next channel or DM
³Alt + Up Arrow Jump to previous channel or DM
³Alt + Shift + Down Arrow Jump to next unread channel or DM
³Alt + Shift + Up Arrow Jump to previous unread channel or DM
Cmd + [ OR
Cmd + Left Arrow
Move back in history
Cmd + ] OR
Cmd + Right Arrow
Move forward in history
Ctrl + Shift + m Open Activity pane
Ctrl + Shift + s Open Starred Items pane
Ctrl + Shift + w Open Workspace Directory
Ctrl + Shift + i Open Channel Details pane
Ctrl + / (Slash) Open Keyboard Shortcuts pane
Ctrl + . (Period) Toggle right-hand pane
¹Ctrl + , (Comma) Open Preferences
Ctrl + Shift + [ Switch to previous workspace
Ctrl + Shift + ] Switch to next workspace
⁴Ctrl + [Number] Switch to specific workspace
Ctrl + Alt Show numbers assigned to workspaces in sidebar
Ctrl + f Search the current channel or DM
Esc Mark all messages in current channel or DM as read
Shift + Esc Mark all messages as read
⁵Alt + click message Mark message as oldest unread message
Ctrl + Shift + Y Set or edit your Slack status
Ctrl + u Upload file to current channel or DM
Ctrl + Shift + Enter Create snippet in current channel or DM
⁶Up Arrow Edit your last message in current channel or DM
Shift + Up Arrow Select text to beginning of current line in message draft
Shift + Down Arrow Select text to end of current line in message draft
Shift + Enter Insert new line in message draft
Ctrl + b Bold selected text
Ctrl + i Italicize selected text
Ctrl + Shift + x Strike through selected text
Ctrl + Shift + > Indent selected text
Ctrl + Shift + c Format selected text as inline code
Ctrl + Shift + 7 Format selected text as numbered list
Ctrl + Shift + 8 Format selected text as bulleted list
@[Character] Show autocomplete options for display names
#[Character] Show autocomplete options for channel names
:[Character] Show autocomplete options for emoji
m Toggle mute during call
v Toggle video during call
+ (Plus) OR
Show invite list during call
e + (1-9) View and select emoji during call
@[username] Notify specific person
@here Notify active members of channel
@channel Notify all members of channel, whether they’re active or not
@everyone Notify all members of channel #general
Message Formatting Syntax
*text* Bold text
_text_ Italicize text
~text~ Strike through text
>text Indent single block of text
Indent multiple blocks of text
`text` Format single line of inline code
Format multiple lines of inline code
Format as numbered list
text OR
• text
Format as bulleted list
Search Modifiers
Add modifiers before or after search keyword(s).
in:[channel] Search specific channel
in:[@username] Search specific DM
from:username Search messages/files shared by specific user
from:me Search messages/files sent by you
⁷on:[date] Search using specific date
⁸before:[date] OR
⁸after:[date] OR
Search using specific date or time frame
has:[:emoji:] Search for items with specific emoji
has:pin Search for pinned items
has:star Search for starred items
has:link Search for items with links
Slash Commands
Type in the message field and hit Enter.
/status Set or clear your custom status
/away Toggle your “away” status
⁹/dnd for [Time] OR
⁹/dnd until [Time]
Schedule Do Not Disturb session
/dnd off Turn off Do Not Disturb
/expand Expand all inline images and videos in current channel
/collapse Collapse all inline images and videos in current channel
/feed subscribe [feed address] Subscribe to RSS feed in current channel
/feed list List RSS feeds (and their ID numbers) for current channel
/feed remove [ID number] Unsubscribe current channel from RSS feed
/feed help Get help with /feed commands
/join [#channel] Join channel
/leave [#channel] OR
/close [#channel] OR
/part [#channel]
Leave channel
/leave Leave current channel
/open [#channel] Open specific channel
/topic [text] Set topic for current channel
/invite [@username] [#channel] Invite member to channel
/remove [@username] OR
/kick [@username]
Remove member from current channel
/mute [#channel] Mute/unmute specific channel
/mute Mute/unmute current channel OR ¹Unfollow current thread
/star Star current channel or DM
/rename [new-name] Rename current channel
/archive Archive current channel
/who List members (up to 100) in current channel
/msg [#channel] [message] Send message to any channel
/msg [@username] [message] OR
/dm [@username] [message]
Send DM
/me [text] Display italicized text
/remind @me or [@username] or [#channel] to [What] [When] Set a reminder
/remind list View list of upcoming, past, or incomplete reminders
/remind help Get help with /remind commands
/search [keyword(s)] Search messages and files
/shortcuts Open Keyboard Shortcuts pane
/apps [app] Search for app in Slack directory
/feedback [text] Send feedback or help request to Slack
/shrug [message] Add ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to end of message
¹⁰/giphy [keyword(s)] Share a random GIF

¹Works only in desktop app.

²Works only if you have enabled All Unreads view under Preferences > Sidebar.

³Includes starred channels and DMs.

⁴Press Ctrl + Alt or hover over workspace logo in sidebar to see number assigned to workspace.

⁵Use Ctrl + Alt + click on Linux.

⁶Ensure cursor is in empty message field.

⁷Use MM/DD/YY(YY) or MM-DD-YY(YY) format for date.

⁸Replace [date] with specific date or with keyword like today, yesterday, [day], [month], or [year]

⁹Use time descriptors like “for 20 mins”, “until 4pm”, until tonight”, etc.

¹⁰Requires integration with Giphy app.

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Take Control of Your Slack Workspace

Slack not only saves you from the clutches of email at work but also makes your online office feel more like an offline one, complete with water-cooler chats. Once you master Slack and find out how to navigate it faster (you can use the Slack sidebar to assist with that), your days at the office are going to be tons more fun!


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below. 

User Questions:

  1. Where is that the Slack shortcuts menu?

Shortcuts in Slack assist you get work done quickly and. Open the shortcuts menu by clicking or tapping the lightning bolt icon to the left of the message field in Slack on desktop or mobile.

  1. Can you nudge someone on Slack?

The “/remind” command will nudge you or a co-worker about an occasion of your choosing, like a meeting or item on your to-do list. The Slack bot, which interacts with users, will notify you or the person at the designated time.

  1. Can the bot use slash commands?

Slash Commands enable you to register and advertise specific commands for your bot that help users understand a number of the bot’s features. When the user is chatting with a bot and kinds a slash, the bot’s slash commands appear during a popup, outlining what each command does.

  1. Where is the formatting toolbar in Slack?

Here’s the great news: Slack recently unrolled a formatting toolbar that provides you quick access to key functionality. The toolbar displays within the message input box. If you do not see it on your interface, click the text icon within the bottom right corner of the message box. Click again to cover the toolbar.

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  1. Where do I enter Slack commands?

Slack features a lot of built-in slash commands that act as shortcuts for specific actions in Slack. You merely got to type the slash key (/) then followed by some keywords in any Slack channel or direct message to trigger specific actions in Slack (e.g. type /away to mark your status to “away” quickly).