The release date and preorder bonuses for Shadow Warrior 3 have been leaked on Xbox

The release date and preorder bonuses for Shadow Warrior 3 have been leaked on Xbox

The Xbox shop has revealed the release date and presale bonuses for Shadow Warrior 3, with a new entry displaying the date and price.

Shadow Warrior 3 may have had any surprises it was aiming for wrecked by an Xbox leak confirming the release date and preorder bonuses after a six-year delay following the release of its predecessor in 2016. Since the announcement teaser trailer for Shadow Warrior 3 was released last summer, fans have been waiting for more concrete information. That wait may finally be over—though perhaps not in the way creator Flying Wild Hog had hoped.

Shadow Warrior was conceived in the 1990s and revived in 2013, followed by a sequel three years later. Now, the series’ third installment is on the way, and it appears to be mixing up the formula while still drawing on the series’ past. It keeps the series’ distinctive send-up of conventional ninja and martial arts storylines, a nod to the fact that it was originally constructed on the same engine as Duke Nukem, a spoof of 1980s action films. Fans are excited to discover how previous Shadow Warrior games have influenced this new installment, and the major issue was when they’d be able to play it. That question may now have been answered, albeit in somewhat unofficial ways.

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According to True Achievements and Game Rant, Shadow Warrior 3 has appeared on the Xbox Store, with a March 1st, 2022 release date and presale incentives that include complete access to Shadow Warrior and Shadow Warrior 2. The price is also listed, which is $49.99, less than most new releases these days. While many Shadow Warrior 3 fans were frustrated when the game was postponed from its intended release date of 2021, this leak implies that the wait is almost over. Preordering will also allow gamers to play through the prior two games while waiting for the new installment, thanks to a presale bonus of two full games.

The Shadow Warrior series promises blood, guts, and bullets galore with all the trappings of feudal-era Japan for fans of over-the-top, graphic action games. Whether Shadow Warrior 3 is the culmination of a trilogy or simply the next chapter in the Shadow Warrior saga, it looks to breathe new life into the game with new additions to the Shadow Warrior, such as a grappling hook. Hopefully, the effort spent by the development team improving the game was spent on more exciting new features like these.

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Despite the impending release of Shadow Warrior 3, Flying Wild Hog is keeping busy with Space Punks, a collaboration with Jagex that is in Early Access, and Evil West in development. Fortunately for their admirers, the complete release of Shadow Warrior 3 appears to be imminent. Fans will soon be witnessing its unique tongue-in-cheek blend of humor and hysteria if it is just over a month away.

Source: True AchievementsGame Rant