Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Bonus Platinum Outfits

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Bonus Platinum Outfits

In addition, Nintendo released the early purchase bonus costume for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, which lets players dress in the outfits from Pokémon Platinum.

According to Nintendo, those who pre-order the next Sinnoh remakes, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, will receive an extra item in the form of a Pokémon Platinum version attire. Pokémon Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl were all released on the Nintendo DS. However, Platinum came out two years after Diamond and Pearl, in 2008 and 2006, respectively. Diamond and Pearl were released on the Nintendo DS in the same year as Platinum.

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Beyond the limited-edition clothing styles, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is expected to include various elements from the Platinum generation. Because the future Diamond & Pearl remakes will make use of the Platinum Pokédex, the Pokémon available in Platinum (but absent from the original Diamond & Pearl) will appear in the soon-to-be-released Switch title. A total of 210 Pokémon are found in the Platinum Pokédex, while only 151 are found in the Diamond and Pearl Pokédex. Pokemon like Houndoom, Rotom, and Giratina, to mention a few, have been added to the Platinum Pokédex, which now has a total of 59 Pokémon.

According to a recent tweet from Nintendo America (via My Nintendo News), players who pre-order the game will have the opportunity to receive an additional Pokémon Platinum version attire for their in-game characters as a thank you for their early purchase. Getting the outfit looks to be completely free, with the only requirement being that players access the Mystery Game in-game function and select “Get via the Internet.” Because the unique bonus will expire on February 21, 2022, individuals who wish to earn the Platinum ensemble will need to act fast after the game’s release on November 19, 2018.

While Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl will mostly remain loyal to the original title, it will also incorporate certain enhancing modifications to make it more enjoyable. Some of the Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s gym leaders have been redrawn to fit the remake’s new art style, such as Candice, the gym leader of Snowpoint City, and Volkner, the gym leader of Sunyshore City, among others. Additionally, the Team Galactic commanders Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn have all been given new looks in the remake, and each of them has its own unique outer-space-themed battle backdrop throughout the game. Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl will have radically different aesthetics than its predecessors because the graphical style is completely different from any of them. The remake will not sure receive a large number of comparisons to the original.

With the release date of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl rapidly approaching, even more information about the game will probably emerge – as well as, maybe, even more, different offers for early purchasers or others. Those who intend to acquire the game as soon as it becomes available should keep their eyes and ears peeled in the weeks leading up to November 19. Previous special events and awards in the franchise followed a similar pattern, offering a variety of incentives such as Mythic Pokémon and exclusive in-game items. Perhaps there is still more to come.

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The Pokémon games Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will be released on November 19, 2021, for the Nintendo Switch system.

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