The iPhone 14’s Hole Punch Might Not Be What We Expected

The iPhone 14's Hole Punch Might Not Be What We Expected

The notch on Apple’s iPhone 14 may be phased out in favor of a hole punch. On the other hand, the shape might be a little out of the ordinary.

The iPhone 14 will certainly include a hole-punch camera, but it might not look like what most Apple analysts and leakers had predicted. A hole punch camera, which appears as a black dot on the screen but is a hole in the display below the glass that allows the camera to receive light, is common in Android phones. While this is a small space on Android phones, the iPhone has Face ID, making shrinking this component more difficult.

The ability to unlock and authenticate at a look is a key feature of Apple’s top iPhone, and it’s also present in the iPad Pro, the company’s most costly tablet. That means Apple is unlikely to remove Face ID from its top-of-the-line iPhone, even though the widespread usage of face masks has harmed its use. Put, an iPhone 14 without a Face ID would be frightening.

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According to leaks and rumors, Apple will ditch the notch in 2022 and replace it with a hole-punch camera on the iPhone 14. However, it may not resemble the type found on many Android phones, which is usually a small circle that fits the size and shape of the selfie camera. According to a respected Apple leaker named Dylan, the iPhone 14 hole punch will be shaped like a pill rather than circular. To put it another way, it’s a little stretched out like a capsule.

What’s the Point of a Pill-Shaped Hole Punch?

Some have hypothesized that the elongated pill or capsule-shaped hole is for Face ID. Still, prior leaks suggest that Apple may bury the technology beneath the screen because infrared travels through the screen more easily than visible light. If the hole is somewhat larger, Apple will include a flash, which would be a first for the iPhone. Few current phones have an LED flash on the front, instead opting to brighten the screen temporarily if extra brightness is required.

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A pill-shaped hole punch might also be used to accommodate many cameras. Some Android phones include taking wide or ultra-wide selfies, useful for group photos. The iPhone and most Android phones use a slightly wider lens and crop in for the typical shot. This approach sacrifices resolution and isn’t exactly the best option. It’s unknown whether Apple will choose a larger hole punch shape or how it will be used at this time, but an iPhone 14 with two selfie cameras would be a welcome update.

Source: Dylan/Twitter