The Best Chromebooks for 2021


Budget-friendly, web-centric Chromebooks can help you save money. However, is it worth choosing one if you’re able to locate a competent Windows 10 notebook for well under $500? Here is what you want to understand, together with the ideal Chromebook versions we’ve analyzed.

Many notebooks, from budget to deluxe, can be found in various sizes and shapes. However, what can you purchase when pretty much whatever you do would be online, you do not need much in the software service method, and you also would like to invest at the low volumes, never mind the tens of thousands? A Chromebook might be your solution.

These cheap laptops do not offer you a complete Windows experience. (If you understand the Chrome browser, then get used to almost Chromebook action occurs within that world) However, Chromebooks’ web-centric performance and ultralow costs ideal for light-usage social websites and online productivity. Should you spend over 90% of your personal computer time at an internet browser, then you should have little trouble working with a Chromebook as your primary PC.

Many Chromebooks do not package impressive hardware, but also, they seldom take it. As you will be visiting sites and running programs from Chrome OS, which is essentially a souped-up variant of the lean-running Chrome browser, the technical barrier to entry is low. This also means that you don’t need to manage to download and install conventional applications; if you can not do something on or inside a typical webpage, you likely will have the ability to from among the thousands of programs and extensions accessible on Chrome OS users.

With only a couple of clicks, your Chromebook may have nearly as much performance as a budget Windows notebook, and you can install any program intended for the Android cellphone OS on most newer Chromebooks. (If you are looking for old or disregarded Chromebooks, be conscious of this essential differentiation; the Android-app service is a relatively recent development, and you need to check this list to ensure the old version you are eyeing affirms it.) This implies Microsoft Office is currently available on several Chromebooks through the Google Play shop for Chrome, a revolution in a performance that eliminates one of the final obstacles preventing productivity devotees from shifting to Chrome.

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One main advantage of conducting exclusively web-based applications is safety. You are resistant to viruses and other malware, which often plague vulnerable Windows systems. Chrome OS updates take only seconds to finish, instead of the hours or minutes you might need to await macOS and Windows to perform their upgrade item. And although simple accessibility to an always-on online connection is essential for Chromebooks, you are in a position to execute most ordinary jobs offline and sync later on, which means you don’t need to impede or stop your appointment if there is an internet-connectivity hiccup.

What Specs Can I Want at a Chromebook?

While shopping for a Chromebook, you will notice less hardware variety compared to Windows machines. These are the main specs and variables to be conscious of.

SCREEN RESOLUTION. The typical native screen resolution onto a Chromebook will probably be 1,920 by 1,080 pixels, otherwise called 1080p, but some more economical Chromebooks might be lower-resolution, and also the exact highest-end models might be higher-resolution. For many midsize Chromebooks with displays from 13 to 15 inches, 1080p is just lovely.

PROCESSOR. A low-end CPU such as an Intel Celeron or Pentium will serve you just fine if all you do is navigate with a tab or two available. According to Intel Core CPUs such as the Core i3 and the Core i5, Chromebooks allow for more capable multitasking. They’ll also be more costly, all else being equal.

Several Chromebook versions, nevertheless, feature AMD CPUs. Older AMD-based versions with AMD A4-series processors we had a bulge in about with the Celerons and Pentiums. Still, AMD recently introduced a few Chromebook-specific Ryzen processors (along with a few lesser Athlons). These need to be in a position to compete with all the Core brigade. More on these as we begin to find those initial units.

A 300 Windows notebook with an Intel Celeron processor and 4GB of memory may be unpleasantly slow in regular usage under Windows 10. However, a Chromebook with all those very same specs must provide an excellent user experience for fundamental jobs. If you tend to be a multitasker, however, think about a Core chip.

STORAGE CONSIDERATIONS. The majority of your documents onto a Chromebook will be saved in the cloud. Therefore Chromebooks include just a little serving of eMMC-based storage, generally 32GB or 64GB, to store the regional creations. Start looking for an SD card slot if you believe you will want to save files on the apparatus.

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CONNECTIVITY. Many Chromebook relations are wireless since you’ll utilize the machine nearly exclusively when connected to Wi-Fi. Ethernet ports aren’t standard. If you want to give demonstrations from the Chromebook, then start looking for a video output interface, such as HDMI, which matches precisely what screens you’ll have available. Also, search for a USB port or two if you want to join a mouse or other peripheral by cable.

The Way Chromebooks Are Evolving

The brand new Chromebooks have stepped up from being fundamental systems operating Chrome OS into being refined computers offering amazingly rich capacities. A couple of game carbon-fiber chassis or utilize a lightweight magnesium-alloy frame having a shiny white plastic outside. Others include a glowing in-plane switching (IPS) screen, which provides sharp graphics and wide viewing angles, and a couple of elite versions swap out the conventional eMMC-based storage to get a more rapid, roomier 128GB solid-state drive (SSD). The best versions have premium styling, which owners of all high-end laptops will envy.

The Chromebook class has matured past actual performance throughout the past couple of decades, and the real competition is currently based on attributes. We see more choices that formerly were available only on Windows laptops. A few Chromebooks now have signature screens for starters, and beginning with version 71 of this Chrome functioning system, it had been optimized for touch input. That’s handy once you’re tapping at Android programs, which are made from the beginning for touch.

Different display sizes are also available, from 10 inches to 15 inches. Other versions sport convertible layouts that allow you to fold the Chromebook into modes such as notebook, tablet computer, or demonstration use, across the lines of 360-degree-rotating versions like Lenovo’s Yoga or HP’s x360 families. Some versions now even allow you to detach their computer keyboards to utilize them as authentic tablet computers, just as you can with Windows tablets.

These times, the outcome is a funding notebook, and a similarly priced Chromebook can seem more alike than you may anticipate.

So, Which Chromebook Should I Purchase?

Whether you are a Facebook enthusiast or you only require a device for checking email and functioning in Google programs, Chromebooks are simple to use, easy to undertake the move, and cheap. If you believe that a Chrome OS notebook is ideal for you, have a look at the testimonials below to your top-rated Chromebooks we have examined. If you need Windows and do not have an infinite budget, then our lists of the top cheap notebooks and also the very best laptops for college students are worth a look, too. For more comprehensive laptop buying information, look at our detailed purchasing guide with the top notebook selections, irrespective of the cost.

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Our PickWireless NetworkingWeightTested Battery Life (Hours:Minutes)Screen SizeRAM (as Tested)Processor SpeedProcessorOperating SystemLaptop ClassGraphics ProcessorBoot Drive Capacity (as Tested)
Acer Chromebook 514802.11ac, Bluetooth 3.3113:401481.1Intel Pentium N4200 Google Chrome OS Chromebook Intel HD Graphics 505 64
Acer Chromebook Spin 713Bluetooth, 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) 3.02 13:4813.581.6Intel Core i5-10210U Chrome OS Chromebook, Convertible 2-in-1 Intel UHD Graphics 620 128
Asus Chromebook C523802.11ac, Bluetooth 3.7 6:5715.641.1Intel Pentium N4200 Google Chrome OS Chromebook Intel HD Graphics 505 64
Lenovo Chromebook Duet802.11ac, Bluetooth 2.0313:4810.142MediaTek Helio P60T Google Chrome OS Chromebook, Detachable 2-in-1 ARM G72 MP3128
Acer Chromebook 714
802.11ac, Bluetooth 3.5 15:3514 162.2Intel Core i3-8130U Google Chrome OS Budget, Chromebook Intel UHD Graphics 620 64
HP Chromebook 15 (2019)
802.11ac, Bluetooth 3.99 5:4215.642.2Intel Core i3-8130U Google Chrome OS Budget, Chromebook Intel UHD Graphics 620 128
Dell Latitude 5300 2-in-1 Chromebook Enterprise4G, 802.11ac, Bluetooth 3.213:0513.3161.6Intel Core i5-8365U Google Chrome OS Convertible 2-in-1, Chromebook Intel UHD Graphics 620 128
HP Chromebook x360 14c802.11ax, Bluetooth 3.64 11:281482.1Intel Core i3-10110U Google Chrome OS Convertible 2-in-1, Chromebook Intel UHD Graphics64
Google Pixelbook Go802.11ac, Bluetooth 2.3 18:5413.3 81.3Intel Core i5-8200Y Google Chrome OS ChromebookIntel UHD Graphics 615 256
HP Elite c1030 Chromebook Enterprise802.11ax, Bluetooth 2.879:2213.5161.8Intel Core i7-10610U Chrome OS Business, Convertible 2-in-1, Chromebook Intel UHD Graphics 256