the apple id cannot be used to unlock this iphone

the apple id cannot be used to unlock this iphone

Here we can see “the apple id cannot be used to unlock this iPhone

The Apple ID Can’t Be wont to Unlock This iPhone iPad.

If your iPhone says that “This Apple ID can’t be wont to unlock this iPhone”, there’s a problem with the Apple ID that you simply are entering, and this guide tells the way to fix it. Once the difficulty is set, your iPhone or iPad will get unlocked.

With most Apple devices, just like the iPhone and iPad, you always only got to enter your Apple ID once while fixing the Device. Your Device will then still use your account. Sometimes, though, your Device may prompt you to enter your account details indeed reasons.

Most people who believe Face ID or Touch ID will have difficulties finding their Apple ID logins. And, sometimes, once you enter your Apple ID that you remember, your Device says, “The Apple ID can’t be wont to unlock this iPad” or the other Device you use. This may cause you to be unable to use your Device usually.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to affect this example, and therefore the following explains those methods.

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Why Can’t the Apple ID Be wont to Unlock This iPhone?

You are probably curious to seek out out why your iPhone shows this message. It does so because the Apple ID that you simply are entering on your iPhone isn’t the one that’s getting used thereon. The ID that’s getting used on the Device is different from the one you’re entering.

Therefore, your iPhone or iPad displays a message saying you can’t use the entered ID to unlock the device.

How to Bypass the iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone

The situation that you are in is named the iCloud activation lock. Your iPhone or iPad is locked, and you can’t access it until you enter the right Apple ID.

The following are a number of the methods you’ll use to bypass the lock and use your iPhone usually possibly.

Solution 1. Recover Your Apple ID

Your iPhone displays the previous error message because you’re employing a different Apple ID. If you can’t recall your actual Apple ID, there’s how to seem it abreast of the Apple website.

Once you’ve got found the ID, you’ll enter it on your phone to unlock it.

Step 1. Launch the Apple ID website during a browser on your computer.

Step 2. Click on the Forgotten your Apple ID or password link on the sign-in page.

Step 3. you’ll see a link that says, look it up. Click on this link to seek out your forgotten Apple ID.

Step 4. Type in your given name, last name, and therefore the email address related to your Apple ID. Then, click on still find your Apple ID.

Once you’ve found the Apple ID, you’ll enter it on your device to get rid of the activation lock.

Solution 2. Reset the Password for Your Apple ID

It may be that the Apple ID you’re entering is that the right one but your password is wrong. If this is often the case, all you would like to try is to reset the password for your Apple ID. Once you’ve done that, you’ll then use the newly created password on your device to unlock it.

You can reset your Apple ID password as follows.

Step 1. Open the Apple ID website and click on the Forgotten Apple ID or password link on the login page.

Step 2. Enter the Apple ID that you want to reset the password for and click on Continue.

Step 3. For user verification, you’ll be asked to enter certain personal information about yourself. During this case, it asks for the telephone number. Then, click on Continue.

Step 4. If you employ your Apple ID with other devices, a prompt will appear on those devices. Tap admit one among those prompts, and Apple will allow you to reset your password.

When the password is reset, enter the new password on your iPhone or iPad to urge obviate the activation lock.

Solution 3. Use the AnyUnlock – iCloud Activation Unlocker to repair it

If you’ve got tried the primary two methods and none of them worked, AnyUnlock – iCloud Activation Unlocker, here, gives you another choice. It’s an unlocking tool that will assist you in successfully bypass the iCloud activation lock without Apple ID and password, and permit you to use your phone usually. In addition, it’s characterized by fast, simple, and reliability. So whether you get a second-hand iPhone, that’s stuck within the iCloud activation lock, and you don’t know the password. Otherwise, you encounter the “Activation Lock” screen when restoring the iPad; you’ll use this tool to unravel the matter.

Step 1. Download and install the most recent version of AnyUnlock – iCloud Activation Unlocker > Launch it on your computer > Connect your iPhone to the pc with a USB cable > Choose Bypass iCloud Activation Lock from the homepage, and click on the beginning Now button.

Step 2. The iOS device must be jailbroken, so bypass the Activation Lock. Instead, read the Terms of Use carefully before jailbreaking and click on the beginning Now button.

Step 3. Click the Jailbreak Tutorial button to enter the jailbreaking process > Click Next after the jailbreak procedure completes.

Step 4. When your iPhone is jailbroken > Confirm the knowledge of your iOS Device> Tap on Start Now.

Step 5. Would you please wait a couple of minutes to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock?

Step 6. Until the bypassing process is finished, you’ll see the iCloud Activation Lock is bypassed successfully interface as below. 

If you’re a Mac computer owner, you’ll also bypass iCloud Activation Lock on your Mac, whose procedures are slightly different from PCs.

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Solution 4. Get the first Owner to Input the Logins

If your iPhone or iPad belongs to somebody else and not you, you’ll get in-tuned with them and ask if they will help unlock the phone. All they got to do is enter their iCloud login details, and your Device will be opened.

You do not get to enter any settings or menus. Instead, enter the logins on the most screen where you’re prompted, which will unlock your device.

Solution 5. Erase and take away Device from iCloud

If your Device’s original owner lives distant from you and it’s impossible to satisfy them, they will erase and take away your Device remotely from the iCloud website. This is often adequate to enter the password on the Device.

They need to follow the subsequent steps to unlock your device from the iCloud web.

Step 1. Open the iCloud website and sign in to the iCloud account. This could be the account used on your locked device.

Step 2. After logging in, click on the choice that says Find iPhone to access the Find My feature.

Step 3. Click on the All Devices menu at the highest and choose your iPhone or iPad from the list.

Step 4. When your device screen appears, click the Erase iPhone/iPad option followed by Remove from Account.

This will delete all the info on your Device and take away the Device from the iCloud account. This unlocks the activation lock on your device.

Solution 6. Use a Web-Based Service to Unlock the Device

If you’ve got not had any success with the above methods, your pis aller is to contact a web company to assist you to unlock your device. Quite a few companies are letting you remove the activation lock from your device remotely.

If you do not mind spending a fair amount of cash, one among these sites will assist you to unlock your device as follows.

Step 1. Suppose you employ an iPhone or iPad, dial *#06# on your Device to seek out your IMEI number. On an Apple Watch, find the serial number which should be written on the case.

Step 2. Open the DirectUnlocks site in your browser.

Step 3. Enter either the IMEI or a serial number of your Device on the page, select your device model, and click on the Remove Activation Lock button.

Step 4. Follow the instructions displayed on your screen, one of which is to form a payment.

The site will allow you to know when your device is going to be unlocked. So, for example, you’ll use this method when your Apple Watch says, “The Apple ID can’t be wont to unlock this Apple Watch” also.

The Bottom Line

If your Apple device refuses to accept your Apple ID and it remains locked, you’re probably entering the wrong ID. Use the above methods to seek out the first ID or unlock the Device without the ID using one among the plans. AnyUnlock – iCloud Activation Unlocker could also be your most suitable option.

User Questions:

1. Incorrect Apple ID .. can’t be wont to unlock this iPhone. What should I do?

I use my iPhone for Calling Messages and Whatsapp. I never bother to update anything. I got my phone 5S when it had been launched, and that I don’t even remember what percentage of times I updated the iOS. So definitely, my iPhone isn’t the newest.

2. Apple ID can’t be wont to unlock this phone

I reset my phone, but it now won’t let me reactivate it. I’m the first owner of this phone, so I know that my Apple ID is just one. I even have logged in to iCloud and verified my Apple ID name and password are correct.

I even connected to iTunes to undertake and activate my phone and keep getting an equivalent error on the screen. That my Apple ID can’t be wont to unlock this phone. I even have attached a screenshot to point out the error I’m getting. The iPhone that the error says the phone is linked to is the one I’m trying to use!

3. Apple ID can’t be wont to unlock iPad

I have an iPad 2 and one iPad 2 Air, I even have an applied, now, I recently changed my apple id password before I found out about my iPad 2 Air and that I recharged my iPad 2 to offer to my cousin, now, once I returned to the iPad after reloading for put music etc. thereon before giving him, I entered in my apple with my new password ID, and it says “Incorrect M…» “ Apple ID can’t be wont to unlock the iPad”, so I entered my previous password, and he said “Login incorrect apple or password” now I said maybe there some glitch or something so I headed over to and entered my info and every one load clicked

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4. How do I activate my iPhone

The iPhone had an Apple ID that was blocked so that we couldn’t sign out, and therefore the owner of the Apple ID couldn’t remember the answers to security questions. So we tried 4ukey, which removed (?) the Apple ID, so we logged in to a replacement Apple ID.

The iPhone couldn’t detect a sim and was always on “Searching”, so we decided to update the iOS through OTA. So we downloaded the file, but it’ll make a mistake saying unable to put in an update.

So we erased the phone and set it back to factory settings. Unfortunately, we got stuck at the setup screen not to activate iPhone after the join WiFi screen.

5. iPhone Unlock Issue

I’m having an issue unlocking my iPhone X that the second user bought. I meet all unlock criteria. However, Xfinity Mobile denied the unlocking request. I saw on Reddit an individual had an identical issue, and within the end, Xfinity Mobile unlocked his iPhone. I’m hoping that by posting here, Xfinity Mobile Mods could assist me.