You Can Now Host Amazon Prime Video Watch Parties on Fire TV Devices

You Can Now Host Amazon Prime Video Watch Parties on Fire TV Devices

Amazon Prime Video allows you to host watch parties for up to 100 people, despite a pandemic in the world.

This summer, don’t go to the cinema. You can still enjoy movies with friends and avoid COVID. How do you do it? You can host an Amazon Prime Video Watch Party using your Fire TV.

Amazon Prime Video brings Watch Parties to FireTV.

You can now enjoy Amazon Prime Video with friends if you have a Fire TV set up. You can also watch with up 100 people at once, not just five or six friends. This is a tiny cinema audience!

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According to Watch Party, the Watch Party function is now available for Fire TV in beta mode. You can also watch with friends on Fire TV devices, in addition to the usual channels via your browser, mobile app, or wherever else you get your Prime Video fix.

What can you watch with Prime Video Watch Parties?

You can view any Prime Video content if you own a Fire TV device.

Prime includes everything free of charge. This is a great deal considering Prime usually costs $12.99/month.

You will have to pay a rental fee or purchase fee to view paid content. This is similar to going to the cinema.

Who can join the Prime Video Watch Party

Prime Video Watch Parties have several eligibility criteria.

Access to the internet is a must. Although this is obvious, Amazon Prime Video allows offline viewing. However, you cannot join a Watch Party if you have an offline series or movie.

You can rent or purchase a movie, but everyone must rent it or buy it. It’s not just one person. You’ll need to make sure that everyone can afford the film and can afford it.

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Unfortunately, international watch parties are not available to you. This is because Amazon geo-locks certain content, so it’s only available in specific territories. So if you want to view your US Amazon Prime at a party in Europe with friends, you’ll have problems.

Participate in the Watch Party

Are you an Amazon Prime Video Member? Are you a Fire TV owner? What are you waiting for? Get Prime Video going and send out the invites. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying movies with your friends.