Switch exclusive Bravely Default II is coming to Steam

Switch exclusive Bravely Default II is coming to Steam

Earlier this year, we saw Square Enix bring back the Bravely Default series with the discharge of Bravely Default II on the Switch. Since the series’ inception, the mainline Bravely Default games have only been related to Nintendo devices because the first two games were Nintendo 3DS exclusives. However, it seems that Bravely Default II will break that trend, with Square Enix announcing today that the sport is coming to PC.

Not only is Bravely Default II coming to PC, but it’s coming to PC next week. Square Enix announced today that Bravely Default II would be landing on Steam on September 2nd, 2021 – precisely one week from today. If you’re a lover of developers and publishers who announce games just a brief time before they release, then it doesn’t get far better than this.

The Steam listing for Bravely Default II is already live, and it’s there. We see that the PC version will cost a total retail price – $59.99. the sport currently features a 10% launch discount which will be available until September 13th, and while that isn’t an enormous discount, it does shave a couple of bucks off the acquisition price.

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Sadly, it seems that Square Enix hasn’t ported the Bravely Default II demo over to PC. The Steam listing for Bravely Default II also doesn’t list any specific enhancements or new features for the PC version. So while we will probably expect something of a visible upgrade within the jump to PC, it’s like this is often more or less a straight port of the Switch version.

Bravely Default II is certainly worth considering for anyone who was a lover of the ultimate Fantasy games that had you switching jobs for your characters. At the same time, Bravely Default II might not be quite nearly as good because the original game, it’s still a legitimate source of that classic JRPG feel, so fans of the genre will want to see it out. Bravely Default II launches on Steam on September 2nd.

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