Swann Cameras

Swann Cameras

What’s in A Security System From Swann?

Our system out of Swann comprised two cameras along with a hard drive for local document storage; that is it. But honestly, in comparison to another classic security providers on the market, this is far more minimalist than many safety methods, which generally involve movement, entrance, and glass break sensors together with keypads, fear switches, base channels and so on. Let us look at just how Swann Cameras functioned in training.


Swann Cameras may be used indoors and outside, but we opted to use it inside. However, for those looking to utilize it outdoors, it’s an IP rating of 66, meaning that it is 100% shielded by solids and will withstand powerful water jets. Just do not dip it in the water!

We digress. Concerning the video, we’re pretty happy with all the Swann camera; it’s 1080p HD, the present industry norm, which generated a clear image since you can see below.

Regrettably, it did not pay as much ground as we would have expected, using a field of view only over 100 levels. We were disappointed that the camera did not zoom at all, and this would have been helpful had had an invasion. We could see well during the night as a result of camera infrared LED detectors!

Now, storage is by way of the 1 TB hard disk, which we now detail below—possessing a rigid disk intended that the camera may still capture footage without Wi-Fi, which came in handy to people, as our Wi-Fi may be a little spotty occasionally. But, cloud storage has been severely lacking. Just stills, not movies were automatically uploaded into a Dropbox. To produce more redundancy, we ended up concealing our footage from the hard disk on private cloud storage if something happened to the drive.

On the reverse side, another downside of this camera would be that we could not utilize it to talk to that it had been on; in different words lacked two-way sound. This is a fairly standard feature of security cameras, so that we have been frustrated that we could not talk to whomever we had been recording. Instead, we needed to phone them such as ordinary, which wasn’t nearly as entertaining.

However, to not be a lot of Negative Nancy’s, we weren’t thrilled with the camera artificial intelligence, or lack thereof. As it could not distinguish between individuals and other moving items, we obtained many notifications that weren’t mandatory, such as when our drapes rustled, for instance. In addition to this, we sometimes were not even alarmed when real people walked! A fantastic camera with individual detection is your Nest Cam IQ Indoor, which likewise has facial recognition should you cover for Nest Aware. Overall, we discovered the Swann camera for somewhat subpar, but maybe not all of Swann cameras have been created equal, so you may want to have a look at another choice.

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Hard Drive

The hard disk is our Swann Cameras saved their footage everywhere. We favour both cloud and local storage so that the footage is backed up, and it had been relatively time-consuming to move the neighbourhood storage on our private cloud networks. Remember that the TB of storage takes approximately 500 hours of footage, so we occasionally wanted to create the transports, though it was somewhat annoying.

Swann and Voice Commands

Like we mentioned before, Swann functions with Google Assistant. However, the task is somewhat difficult to locate; it is not beneath Swann but instead, Home Safe View from Swann Communications1. Utilizing our voices, we’d Google Assistant reveal us all our camera footage our Nest Hubs, that was fine. But regrettably, this integration stopped there, so general, we would say it is relatively minimal. We’re disappointed that Swann does not utilize Alexa, the hottest voice helper available in the industry nowadays.

Installing Swann

Since the machine is hardwired, the installation was much more complex compared to peel-and-stick wireless programs. We needed to join two different Swann Cameras into the hard disk, or so the vast majority of the period was spent determining where to put and mounting the drapes. We’d say that it took me around 15 minutes to observe a picture for the very first time. On the other hand, the machine is colour-coordinated; despite its numerous components, we now found the installation to be quite spontaneous, if not a bit time-consuming. On the reverse side, we’d love to point out this Swann also offers wireless safety programs accessible if that is your taste.

Does Swann Cameras Work Well?

We discovered a couple of problems with Swann Cameras. While the picture quality is fine, we found that the camera doesn’t necessarily instantly respond to movement and heat. We walked in front of the camera several times, and it did not discover anything for a couple of seconds. This might appear minor, but it may be a problem when you experience an intrusion and attempt to locate footage of their perpetrator. A couple of moments might be the gap between identifying your robber or allowing him to walk. Also, we had some difficulties with the Livestream beginning, frequently obtaining a “loading” screen until we flashed the program. Generally, everything functioned well and that I was pleased with the program and its alarms.

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Swann’s Monitoring (Or Lack Thereof)

Swann does not offer 24/7 professional tracking or mobile backup. That usually means you’ll track your system in the SwannView Link program. Additionally, it usually suggests your system will not operate in case of a power outage or Wi-Fi, which is a disadvantage of Swann. If you’d like a total 24/7 round the clock policy, it’s most likely better to go with somebody such as a Vivint or ADT or even find out more about Swann and their pricing and bundles.

If you’re trying to find a security program with specialist observation, have a look at Ring Alarm. They will get a strategy available for $100 per year or even $10 per month, quite affordable compared to rivals.

The SwannView Link App

As we mentioned previously, we had some severe problems with live streaming footage about the SwannView Link program. It is pretty buggy, and also, we did not always get notifications from movement events in a timely way. Additional Swann clients seemed to concur with methe program comes with a 1.9-star score about the Apple store3; however, a decent 3.5 about the Android store4. We utilized the iOS program; therefore, Swann could be a much better match for Android users.

Swann’s Support

We had a couple of distinct choices in regards to customer service at Swann2. We could hunt their service centre on the internet, which includes everything from product manuals to FAQs. To talk with customer service right, we can contact them via live chat, email, or telephone toll-free 24/7. We are amazed that their customer care line is always accessible – this isn’t true for several security businesses. When we had problems live streaming footage about the program, telephone support was speedy and beneficial, so overall; we are happy with their customer care.

Swann Cameras Review

Launched in Australia in 1987, Swann currently offers security solutions globally. The business delivers various home security cameras and systems meant to help customers protect their houses. Swann does not supply you with the expert observation that lots of companies do. On the contrary, it’s intended for clients who need a DIY alternative.

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Swann Pros

  • Easy DIY installation
  • Large Choice of Swann Cameras
  • Smartphone controllers

Swann Cons

  • No Expert observation
  • It relies entirely on cameras.
  • The potentially overwhelming variety of product Choices

Swann Cameras Types of Installation

Professional Installation

Swann does not provide an instalment of its safety systems. However, it spouses with InstallerNet to supply a community of specialist installers that clients can employ. Not only can those professionals put up your safety system, but also, they provide tutorials that will assist you in finding out about your new goods.


  • Professional setup may make things easier on clients who can not set up the security system.
  • Since InstallerNet is a spouse of Swann, a guarantee covers any merchandise that error due to improper setup.


  • Clients have to pay additional for Expert installation.
  • Installation is not done by Swann, however, with a third party Firm.

DIY Installation

Swann’s safety camera systems are meant for DIY installation. While the DIY setup is an excellent pick for people who feel comfortable with resources, some may prefer to employ another person to perform the job.


  • DIY setup is free when You Purchase the Item
  • Swann’s security methods are relatively easy to install


  • For all anyone uncomfortable with drilling in Their walls, DIY setup Might Not Be possible.
  • DIY installation does not provide warranty protection if You improperly install the Merchandise

Additional Benefits

Along with the experts we spoke about over, there are loads of different things to enjoy about Swann.

  • Alexa and Google Assistant integration: a Lot of Swann’s products incorporate Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Cheap subscription choices: Swann’s goods do not need a monthly or yearly subscription. However, their discretionary service programs feature exceptionally competitive rates.
  • 24/7 technology support: Swann provides 24/7 phone tech support from North America, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and South Africa. In different nations, Swann provides phone assistance during business hours.

Additional Drawbacks

Along with Swann’s safety goods’ additional benefits, there are a couple of other drawbacks to think about.

  • Not as simple to set up as a few competitions: A few of Swann’s opponents are more well known because of their simple, no-tool setup.
  • Subscription required for several solutions: While Swann does not need its clients to register for a monthly or yearly subscription, even failing to do this will keep you from getting some attributes.
  • Potentially substantial prices: Swann’s security and cameras programs begin at low prices, but they immediately get more costly.