xbox error 16

xbox error 16

Here we can see “Xbox error 16

It comes right down to this. Error 16 has to do with not finding the menu setting with which you’ll set the clock of the HDD. This happens to tons of individuals that erase their HDD (original/upgraded) or MS dashboard files, and then they do not immediately install the HDD but leave the Xbox without power longer than 5 hours.

It’s all about the HDD can’t find the menu with which it can set the clock. This is often mostly because the Xbox HDD is empty (you removed the dashboard or fux0red it via FTP). the matter arises when Xbox searches for a menu to line clock with, can’t find it, and voila: error 16. Well, read on, please!

So you’ve got an error 16, huh? Don’t be concerned “nothing” is broken!

You have an Xbox HDD that’s locked. And normally, you’ll boot in original and modded mode. Retail or upgraded doesn’t matter. You begin fooling around with Xbox dash. Be etc., using FTP programs. While doing this, you “accidentally” remove your MS dashboard and also your alternate dashboard (Evox, etc.), so there’s no dash anymore on the Xbox HDD.

You end the FTP session, and then you shut off your Xbox. Normally, once you begin again, it gives you an error of 13/14 ( no dashboard found). No worries, with a slayer Evox cd (and a hard mod), all is ok. BUT this is often only WITHIN 3 hours approximately.

This is because the internal clock of the Xbox will only be kept alive by the capacitors for less than 3 or 4 hours. So once you leave your Xbox unplugged from electricity for over 5 hours after you’ve got played with the .xbe’s AND you’ve got removed your (ms and Evo-x) dash from your Xbox, then you’re fux0red. Why does one ask?

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Why can’t I boot from disc?

It’s as follows Xbox starts booting==> (almost 1st thing an Xbox does is) searches for internal clock==> doesn’t find internal clock because there hasn’t been any electricity on the Xbox for five hours. Hence, a battery that kept the clock alive is empty, and the clock is gone==> searches for the right dashboard menu to line clock with ==> doesn’t find my dashboard or Evo-x dashboard menu because you’ve got removed it from the HDD for whatever reasons you had==> Xbox gives error 16: cannot set the clock.

So what does one do about it? Two options!

1. There are some biases around that allow the chip else past the clock setting. (search!). So how does one get that bio on your chip because you can’t boot to a flash program or something? Well, you would like to possess an external flasher.

It seems the m8 bios will look out for you of booting past the clock setting. Or use the newest Xecutor bios.

  1. this is often the less difficult and newbie-friendly strategy
  • Get a lover with a modded Xbox.
  • Unlock his HDD with EEPROM management from a slayer Evo-x cd.
  • Than, place his HDD in your Xbox.
  • Boot together with your chip on.
  • Now, the Xbox DOES find a dashboard once you boot in original mode, and you’ll set the time within my dashboard clock settings.
  • Shut off Xbox and take away your friends HDD
  • PLace his HDD back in his Xbox and lock it again
  • Install your HDD
  • (clock has been set) So boot up with slayer cd.
  • Install normally whatever you want to install
  • lock HDD

User Questions:

  1. Original Xbox Error 16 Help.

Hello, I recently went on a visit, and once I came back, my sister had an ingenious Xbox expecting me as she knows I collect and somehow did not have one in my collection. So I buy the cables needed online, and once I connect the Xbox, it says I even have error 16; I did some research which could suggest that the previous owner modded it, but there are no signs that the Xbox was opened as all of the stickers on rock bottom are in near perfect condition. Any help? I’d adore using the console, but all the guides I find online are for consoles that were modded. I’m not against opening the system myself, but I would like some help to know what I’m doing. Thank you.

  1. Solved Xbox Error 16

I have tried everything the sole option I even have left maybe a modchip, but is there another way to fix this? INFO: I attempted upgrading the disk drive, which didn’t work with a chimp, so I changed to cloning the disk drive, but that must’ve corrupted or deleted the files needed to run

  1. Error 16 lost Xbox dash

I had a softmodded Xbox with an unleash dash installed, but I lost my original Xbox dash. So! n trying to urge it back, I erased the unleash dash, and now my Xbox displays error 16.

My Xbox won’t boot anything now!

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  1. Error 16

I’ve got an Xbox v1.1 that’s giving me error 16. I even have little history thereon besides that it had been softmodded and worked before the clock cap was removed.

I’ve used xboxhdm to rebuild the C and, therefore, the whole hard drive with several stocks and modded file sets. Then, finally, I used the error 12 hot-swap method and was ready to view the dashboard files on the drive.

I’ve even installed an Aladdin xt2 chip that also showed error 16

I’ve even built a new unlocked drive on another system. Did power cycle/unplugged/waited for an inbuilt console with no issues and then installed into chipped Xbox, leading to error 16?

Swapping in another locked hard drive showed error 06 as predicted.

Anyone has any idea what I might be doing wrong or anything to try?