spotify error code 4

spotify error code 4

Here we can see “spotify error code 4

Spotify error code 4: No Internet connection detected [FIX]

  • Countless users complain about an equivalent Spotify error code 4: No Internet connection detected.
  • Assuming that you are one among them also, confirm to ask the below troubleshooting tips.
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Many Windows 10 users encountered error code 4 when trying to attach to Spotify. Despite having a full working Internet connection, they received the error message No Internet connection detected. Spotify will automatically attempt to reconnect when it detects an online connection.

Spotify error four is often triggered by incorrect Internet connection settings, including the standard DNS and proxy issues that you are not any stranger to.

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This error can also be triggered by software compatibility issues in rare cases, like incompatible firewall settings.

The issue is highly frustrating for Spotify users, as they need to pay a monthly subscription to concentrate on their favorite music.

In the guide below, we will provide you with a series of fixes worth trying. We’re sure one of these solutions will fix your problem.

How am I able to fix Spotify error code 4?

  1. Fix Spotify error through Windows Firewall
  2. Disable your antivirus
  3. Change DNS settings
  4. Fix error code four by changing the proxy settings
  5. Reinstall Spotify

1. Fix Spotify error through Windows Firewall

  1. Press the beginning button and open the instrument panel.
  2. Click System and Security > Firewall.
  3. Select Allowed Apps.
  4. Find the Spotify app and tick its checkbox.
  5. Click OK and check out to ascertain if it now works.

Sometimes certain apps might be blocked by the firewall itself. For example, if Spotify is blocked, it won’t hook up with the web. To manually unblock Spotify, you would like to follow the above steps.

2. Disable your antivirus

In some cases, your antivirus might be blocking Spotify’s Internet access. Therefore, open your antivirus software and find the settings supplying you with the choice to show the software off.

Check to ascertain if disabling your antivirus had any effect on Spotify. If it didn’t work, confirm to show your antivirus back on.

3. Change DNS settings

  1. Press the beginning button and open the instrument panel.
  2. Click Network and Internet > select Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Choose Change Adapter Settings.
  4. Open your active Network Adapter > click Properties.
  5. Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) > select Properties.
  6. Select the utilization of the following DNS server addresses.
  7. Set Preferred DNS server to eight .8.8.8 > Alternet DNS server to eight .8.4.4.
  8. Click OK > check if the Spotify issue was repaired.

You could also try changing the DNS settings. Sometimes, Spotify doesn’t recognize your DNS, so it’s better to manually input a particular DNS server address.

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4. Fix Spotify error 4 by changing proxy settings

  1. Open the Spotify app > attend the Settings window.
  2. Click Show Advanced Settings.
  3. In the Proxy settings, select Auto Detect from the menu > click Update Proxy.

Some users reported that changing the proxy settings within the Spotify app fixed the error. To use this fix, follow the steps described above.

5. Reinstall Spotify

If none of the methods listed above worked for you, try removing the app and installing it again. Just confirm to copy your playlists before attempting to reinstall Spotify.

The Spotify error code 4 issue isn’t the sole one that users complain about. They report getting repeated login errors also. If that’s your issue, too, take a glance at this guide dedicated to solving Facebook login errors on Spotify.

We hope that a minimum of one among our solutions helped you fix the Spotify error code 4. If you’d wish to suggest the other fixes, confirm to go away them within the comments section below.

Users Questions:

1. Can’t fix “Error code 4” regardless of what I try

This is the second or third time I’m returning to the forum with this issue.

My Spotify keeps giving me the famous “No internet connection detected. Spotify will automatically attempt to reconnect when it detects an online connection (error code:4).”

2. Error code 4

I tried to answer within the forums, but nothing seems to figure on my behalf. 

For a month, Spotify keeps giving error code 4. Several solutions I found, tested but didn’t work on my behalf. 

edit: it also can’t log in on my phone

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3. Easy solution to error 4

After depending on google and, therefore, the community forum to unravel the famous error 4, the simplest way in my case, was to disable the firewall of windows, attend settings- update and security- windows security- virus protection- firewall and network protection and eventually on domain network disable the choice windows defender firewall. In my case, I opened Spotify, worked fine, then enable the firewall again, and Spotify keeps working fine.