Snapchat Food Scan identifies recipes based on ingredient snaps

Snapchat Food Scan identifies recipes based on ingredient snaps

Snapchat has launched a new camera-based analytical function called Food Scan, which allows users to scan food products using the social media app, as the name suggests. Like other camera-based image analysis programmes, Food Scan can assess the item in an image — in this example, ingredients — and offer associated information.

Food Scan is simple: take a snapshot of a food item in your fridge with the Snapchat app, then let the app automatically analyse the photo and identify a similar recipe on Allrecipes. According to Snapchat, the feature works with over 1,200 ingredients.

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The functionality could be especially beneficial for younger people who want to cook at home but are intimidated by the procedure. Rather than manually searching for recipes that employ goods already in the fridge or cabinet, Food Scan can evaluate the components and find recipes that use them automatically.

Food Scan, according to the business, can filter through over 4,500 recipes with over 1,200 ingredients. Furthermore, Food Scan may extract Wikipedia links connected to the food items in photos, providing users with additional knowledge about ingredients they may be unfamiliar with.

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Food Scan is the newest addition to Snapchat’s camera scanning tool, which can already provide information on a wide range of things such as plants, dog breeds, unknown music, wine, clothing, and even nutritional information for some packaged foods. Users in the United States are the only ones who can utilise the new Food Scan feature.