How to Use Snapchat

How to Use Snapchat

Here we can see, “How to Use Snapchat”

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a mobile application available for both Android and iOS devices. Evan Spiegel, one of the company’s co-founders, is in charge. One of the app’s fundamental features is that any picture, video, or message you send is only exposed to the recipient for a limited time before being unreachable. The app’s ephemeral, or fleeting, character was originally intended to facilitate a more natural interaction flow.

Snap, the company behind Snapchat, is a publicly-traded firm. It advertises itself as a camera manufacturer. As a result, it develops new products, such as Snapchat Spectacles, which you can learn more about here. Also known as Snap, Snapchat is a popular social media platform.

How to Use Snapchat

Chat Screen πŸ‘―

To go to the Chat screen, swipe right from the Camera! You’ll discover all of your friends’ Snaps, Stories, and Chats in one location here.

  • Friends List: Your friends appear based on who you communicate with the most and who has lately reached out to you.
  • Observe a Story: A circular preview will appear next to their name if a friend has updated their Story. Tap a Story to view it! You’re up to date if there’s no preview. On the Stories section, you may also see what your pals are up to.
  • Replay a Story: On the Chat screen, tap a Bitmoji to view their Friendship Profile, then tap their circular Story to watch it again.
  • Up Next: After you’ve finished watching one of your friends’ stories, you’ll see a preview of your next friend’s story! To view the next Story, tap the screen, swipe to skip it, or swipe down to exit.
  • Games: Play a game with your buddies and talk while you’re doing it!
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Profile Screen πŸ‘€

To get to your Profile screen, tap the Profile icon at the top. You can edit your Stories, add friends, change your preferences, and more right here!

  • Stories: This is where you can add Snaps to your Story, manage them, check who has viewed them and delete them. You may also see and manage all of the active Snaps you’ve contributed to Snap Map, which may appear on Snap Map and elsewhere.
  • Notifications for your Profile: Is your Profile symbol dotted with a yellow dot? Tap it to get notifications about new Story views, friend requests, and other fun stuff!

Send To Screen πŸ“²

Sending Snaps to your Best Friends, groups of friends, and new friends is simple!

  • Best Friends: On the Send To screen, the people you Snap and Chat with are front and center. At any given time, you can have up to eight Best Friends!
  • Stories: All of the Stories you can add are listed at the top of the Send To page, including My Story, Snap Map, and more!

Stories Screen 🌎

To open Stories, swipe left from the Camera. Publisher material, Snaps, and Stories from people you follow, creators, and the community are all available. It’s all customized for you.

  • Stories from Friends: At the top of Stories, you may see Stories from your friends! To view the next Snap in a Story, tap it or swipe to move on to the next Story.
  • Subscribing: Do you have a strong emotion for Stories? Tap ‘Subscribe’ after pressing and holding on to a Story tile. Those Stories will appear near the top of your Stories screen, and you’ll see more similar stuff there.
  • Public Stories: Stories can also include Stories from Snapchatters you follow or Stories posted to the public by Snapchatters you know.
  • Popular Stories: On the Stories screen, you can now see what’s trending. You can even subscribe to the ones that you enjoy!
  • Reporting: To report a Snap from the Stories screen, press and hold it while tapping the flag icon or ‘Report Snap.’
  • Unsubscribing: If a Story on Stories doesn’t appeal to you, press and hold it, then touch ‘See less like this.’ There should be fewer Stories like this one on Stories as a result!

Spotlight πŸ”¦

By tapping at the bottom of your screen, you may access Spotlight. You can learn about the world of Snapchat in one location and see what our community has to say!

  • Swipe up and down to move between different types of information.
  • If you come across something you’d want to see more of, touch to Favorite it and customize your feed!
  • By heading to your Profile and tapping ‘My Spotlight Favorites,’ you can see your Favorites from the previous 30 days.
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Dark Mode

By enabling Dark Mode, you can change the look of your Snapchat app.

To use Dark Mode, go to…

  1. To open Settings, tap in your Profile.
  2. Under ‘My Account,’ tap ‘App Appearance.’
  3. Choose ‘Always Dark’ from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the ‘Always Light’ option to switch off Dark Mode.

Please remember that Dark Mode is still being rolled out and may not be available to you yet!


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User Questions:

  1. How do you spend your time on Snapchat?

You may message, send a snap, send cash, start a live video chat, send a Bitmoji sticker, and more by starting a conversation or tapping on an existing thread. Long-press on a friend’s name to see their Snapcode, Snapstreak, and other Snapchat options for communicating with them.

  1. Is Snapchat a safe app to use?

Is Snapchat Safe to Use? On photos shared between Snapchat users, end-to-end encryption is used. The same encryption does not secure Snapchat text messages and other messages.

  1. What are the drawbacks of Snapchat?

Pornography, nudity, or sexually suggestive content involving children, minors involved in physically risky or harmful acts, invasions of privacy, threats, harassment, or bullying, impersonation, and self-harm are all prohibited per Snapchat’s community guidelines.

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