How to Set Default Apps in Windows 11

How to Set Default Apps in Windows 11

Here we can see, “How to Set Default Apps in Windows 11”

  • You may only rely on the Settings app to modify the default programs in Windows 11.
  • Utilizing the Open with the menu when attempting to launch the file is another approach to accomplish your objective.
  • In this version of Windows, setting program defaults is simple, but you must do it for each type of file separately.

The new operating system Windows 11 is out, and it delivers a lot of improvements, largely to the user interface, but it also has a few new capabilities.

Regarding modifications, Microsoft has changed how default programs are set in this edition. However, with one small exception, the procedure is the same as in earlier editions.

Let’s get started. In today’s guide, we’ll teach you how to configure default apps in Windows 11 using various techniques.

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Why should I change the default apps in Windows 11?

Even while Windows 11 comes with some excellent default applications, there are instances when other programs may perform a given task more effectively.

For instance, Microsoft Edge’s PDF Reader capability can be used to view PDF files, although it only has rudimentary functionality. Because of this, many experienced users prefer to utilize specialized PDF reader software.

Setting a default PDF reader application enables you to quickly and easily work with documents by opening all PDF files in that program.

What default apps have been removed from Windows 11?

Microsoft is discontinuing some programs, such as Paint 3D, or at the very least has made them default-disabled in Windows 11.

Additionally, disabled and no longer pinned to the Taskbar will be Cortana. You can still use it, though. In its place, Microsoft Teams has taken the place of Skype.

Despite this, if you want to, you can easily enable Skype in Windows 11. Unfortunately, oneNote is also gone, but there is a way to reinstall it on Windows 11 so that you can continue using it.

How can I change the default apps on Windows 11?

1. Use the Open with option

    1. If you wish to open a file, use the right-click menu.
    2. Select Choose another app from the Open with menu after expanding it.
    3. To find the app, you wish to use, either select the desired program or click Look for another app on this PC.
    4. Click OK after selecting Always use this app to open files.

2. Use file properties

    1. To open a file with a certain application, use the right-click menu.
    2. Properties can be chosen from the menu.
    3. Click Change now.
    4. Click OK after choosing the desired application.
    5. To save changes, click Apply and OK.

3. Use the Settings app

    1. Select Start from the menu.
    2. Settings can be found under the Start Menu.
    3. Go to the Left Pane and select the Apps area. Select Default apps next.
    4. Choose the program you wish to modify in the Set defaults for applications section.
    5. A list of all file types with that app set as their default will now appear.
    6. Simply click the current app and select the new one from the menu to change the default app for the desired file types.
    7. For each file type you want to alter, repeat these steps.

4. Change default apps by file or link type

    1. Press Windows Key + I to launch the Settings app.
    2. In the left pane, select Apps. Then, select Default apps from the right pane.
    3. Select Choose defaults by file type after that.
    4. Now, a list of file types and their default programs should appear.
    5. Locate and choose the relevant file type.
    6. Choose the new default program.
    7. For each file type you want to alter, repeat these steps.

What is the default web browser app in Windows 11?

On this OS, Microsoft Edge had a significant makeover and continues to serve as the primary web browser. Despite this modification, numerous users on Windows 11 reported several Microsoft Edge problems.

Is it harder to configure the default apps in Windows 11?

The procedure hasn’t changed much, but it will take you longer to complete.

It used to be simple and quick to complete this task with a few clicks. But unfortunately, that’s not the case any longer with this OS, and now you have to make adjustments for each unique file type.

If you’re an experienced user, changing these settings won’t be much tougher for you, but it will take longer than it did previously, which is, in our opinion, a step back.

Less tech-savvy consumers, on the other hand, can find it challenging to alter their file type associations correctly.

It’s not difficult to set up default apps in Windows 11, and the procedure is very similar to that of Windows 10.

To effectively modify your app settings, you will need to make a few extra clicks and possibly spend a few extra seconds because the procedure has changed.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How can I set Chrome as my Windows 11 default app?

    1. On your computer, select Start from the menu.
    2. Press Control Panel.
    3. To access default programs, click Programs. Configure your default software.
    4. Pick Google Chrome from the list on the left.
    5. To set this program as the default, click.
    6. Select OK.

2. Can all programs be run on Windows 11?

Thanks to a partnership between Microsoft and Amazon, you can run Android apps on Windows 11 with apps coming from Amazon’s own app store. However, since the Amazon Appstore is still in preview, the selection isn’t all that impressive right now.

3. How can I stop Windows 11 from using Microsoft Edge?

Change the default settings to another browser or app by swiping down the list of default apps and selecting Microsoft Edge (Figure A). After switching your primary web browser, you can remove Edge from your computer.

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4. Changing default apps in Windows 11 requires the user to be …

Changing default apps in Windows 11 requires the user to be more computer-savvy and Windows-savvy than it does in Windows 10 from Windows11

5. 3rd party app to set default apps : r/Windows11 – Reddit

3rd party app to set default apps from Windows11