How to Set an Alarm on Windows 11

How to Set an Alarm on Windows 11

Here we can see, “How to Set an Alarm on Windows 11”

  • Simply use the specific Windows Alarm program to set the alarm on Windows 11.
  • With the help of this software, you can easily configure each alarm and set up several alarms.
  • The Clock app for Windows has been upgraded with additional features, making it worthwhile to check out if you require a free alarm clock.

We all use alarms on our phones and other electronic devices, but what about alarms on our personal computers?

In case you were unaware, Windows offers a built-in alarm program that has been upgraded with a few new capabilities for Windows 11. It now allows for establishing focus timers, among other new design features.

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The default alarm feature hasn’t seen many changes and is just as simple to set up and operate as the alarm in Windows 10.

In this post, we’ll thoroughly explain how to configure alarms on a Windows 11 computer if you don’t already know how.

Can I have Focus sessions using the Clock app?

Yes, the Focus session feature of the Clock app’s most recent edition lets you divide your work into manageable chunks.

Setting timers for work and breaks will increase your productivity. Thanks to the combination of Spotify and To Do in the new Clock app, you may concentrate on your job or listen to music while working.

To use this function, you must update the Clock app because it is only accessible in the most recent version.

How do I update the Clock app?

    1. By clicking the icon in the Taskbar, you can access the Microsoft Store.
    2. Enter clock in the search box, then choose Alarms & Clock from the results list.
    3. Press the Update button now.

How can I set an alarm on Windows 11?

1. Use the Alarms & Clock app

    1. In the Taskbar, click the Search icon.
    2. Choose Alarms & Clock from the search results after typing alarms.
    3. To add an alarm, click the button.
    4. After setting up your alarm, click Save.
    5. Your alarm will then show up on the list of alarms.

As you can see, Windows 11 makes it simple to set the alarm, but if you require more functionality, you might want to consider utilizing third-party alarm software.

2. Edit the alarms

    1. Open the Clock & Alarms menu.
    2. Choose the alarm that needs editing.
    3. Make the desired changes to the settings.
    4. Optional: Simply click the Delete icon in the top right corner to remove an alarm.
    5. Simply toggle the symbol next to an alarm in the top right corner to turn it off.

As you can see, editing your alarms is rather easy and only requires a few settings.

Will Windows alarm wake up my PC?

No, your computer won’t be awakened by the Windows alarm. For the alarm to function, your PC must be turned on and operating, not in sleep mode.

However, other alarm applications might have this capability, so you might want to think about utilizing them instead if you’re interested in this feature especially.

Can I use custom alarm sounds for Windows alarm?

No, the Alarms & Clocks app does not permit custom sounds; instead, you may only utilize those that are already included.

Simply use the built-in Alarms & Clock program to create an alarm on Windows 11. The software is straightforward to use, so that setting alarms won’t be difficult.

Although this software may not be the most sophisticated on the market, it is still easy to use and offers many useful functions to all Windows 11 users, so it is worth a try.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Can I use my Windows computer to set the alarm?

You may use your smartphone to wake you up at a specific hour, but any Windows 10 device will also work. You may set up the built-in alarm clock app in Windows 10 by following these instructions. 1. In the Windows search box, enter “alarm.”

2. Can I use my PC to set a wake-up alarm?

Select the result for Alarms & Clock. You should then be directed to the alarm app that comes with Windows 10. From there, you can modify the alarm that has already been set; simply click on the displayed entry and select the alarm’s timing, duration, and other details.

3. With Windows 11, how do I install widgets?

In Windows 11, you can see the widgets board by pressing Win + W. By placing your cursor on the Widgets button on the Taskbar’s left side, and you may accomplish the same task. You can add or remove widgets from the board and edit and organize them however you like, but you cannot add widgets to your desktop.

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