Samsung Unveils an HKMG-Based 512GB DDR5 RAM Module

Samsung Unveils an HKMG-Based 512GB DDR5 RAM Module

Samsung lifts the veil on its cutting-edge DDR5 memory module.

In a market first, Samsung has launched an HKMG-based DDR5 memory device. Samsung claims its new RAM provides double the rate of DDR4 when decreasing electricity consumption by 13 percent.

Samsung’s New RAM Module Is Based on HKMG Technology

Based on this media launch, Samsung’s brand new module has been “the business earliest 512GB DDR5 module according to High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) process technologies.”

This means that the conventional insulators used in DRAM technology is going to be substituted using HKMG material. This immediately translates into reduced current congestion and 13% electricity savings.

The newest RAM device by Samsung will comprise 512GB of memory with around 7,200 megabits per minute.

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Samsung’s brand new DDR5 module “heaps eight layers of 16Gb DRAM processors to supply you the most significant power of 512GB.” This was done utilizing the Through-silicon through (TSV) technologies which “was utilized in DRAM in 2014 when Samsung introduced host modules with capabilities up to 256GB.”

Also, this is not the first time Samsung has integrated HKMG to its memory components. Back in 2018, the firm had employed an HKMG-based procedure in its GDDR6 memory too.

Samsung’s New Memory Is Aimed at Compute-Heavy Tasks

Samsung states its brand new RAM module is ideal for use in “supercomputing, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), in addition to data analytics software.”

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The high-performance figures combined with reduced power consumption are likely to produce the processor ideal for data centers.

Intel has partnered “with memory card leaders such as Samsung” to further build DDR5 memory, which is quicker and much more energy-efficient. We might visit Samsung chips which are tailored to its forthcoming Intel Xeon Scalable chips.

But, Samsung also expects its technology may also be leveraged to be used in medical care, autonomous driving, and intelligent cities amongst different regions.

Samsung’s New RAM May Be Available for Regular PCs

Though the RAM module introduced by Samsung might be improper for home computers at this time, other versions of this HKMG-based chip can hit the user market somewhat later.

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Samsung’s press release also claims that the provider is “distinct sampling variants of its DDR5 memory” This usually means that the provider is seeking to expand the use of its own HKMG-based DDR5 RAM processor.

The energy savings, in addition to performance increments, can be helpful in gaming computers.

Hopefully, we’ll observe this new technology used in home PCs from 2022, when AMD shows its Zen 4 line of chips that can assist DDR5.