Resident Evil: The Board Game Launches on Kickstarter

Resident Evil: The Board Game Launches on Kickstarter

Even though Resident Evil: The Board Game’s Kickstarter campaign just started, the project has already surpassed its initial financial goal.

Resident Evil: The Board Game went live on Kickstarter today, October 26, as anticipated, and has already surpassed its $137,657 funding goal. Capcom collaborated with Steamforged Games, which isn’t surprising given the tabletop game developer’s previous work on the Resident 2 and Resident Evil 3 board games. Dark Souls and Horizon: Zero Dawn both have board game experiences created by Steamforged.

Capcom and Steamforged revealed the next Resident Evil adventure in late September, anticipating a Kickstarter launch in Autumn 2021. The board game will feature a cooperative one to four-player survival horror experience set in the famed Spencer Mansion, which debuted alongside Resident Evil in the pop culture canon in 1996. In the initial press release, Steamforged stated that this Resident Evil project will be a “crowning celebration of a tabletop survival horror experience that’s been years in the making.” Many RE fans are curious to see how the developer pulls off such a huge undertaking.

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The 25th anniversary of Resident Evil continues with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for Resident Evil: The Board Game. It was launched today with a financing goal of $137,657. Even though only a few hours have gone by, more than 3,000 people have promised their support. As a result, Resident Evil: The Board Game is already fully funded, with over $790,000 in pledges at the time of writing. The project’s estimated ship date is March 2023, according to the Kickstarter page. On Thursday, November 11, the crowd-funding effort will come to a close in around two weeks. Last week, Steamforged released the following trailer:

Players will be able to explore the open environment of Resident Evil‘s iconic Spencer Mansion while trying to uncover the various secrets hidden within its ghostly halls in Resident Evil: The Board Game. The game, divided into “spine-tingling situations,” will lead Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Rebecca Chambers, and Barry Burton through cramped corridors and strange doorways, with the area expanding as players progress.

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Four-player characters, a rule book, a scenario book, six dice, 11 dials, 100+ tokens, 250+ cards, 21 double-sided tiles, and 28 adversaries will be included in the bundle. Steamforged also intends to release three expansions: Bleak Outpost, Into the Darkness, and Retro Pack, all of which will be included with the Alpha Pledge, which costs USD 299.

In March 2023, Resident Evil: The Board Game is expected to be released.

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