Android Fix: App could not be downloaded due to an error 492

Android Fix: App could not be downloaded due to an error 492

Occasionally Android users may receive the “program couldn’t be downloaded because of a mistake 492” mistake while attempting to upgrade or install a program in the Google Play Store, aka Android marketplace. This industry mistake appears to affect just a few programs while other programs download or download just fine. Here are the actions that you may take to figure out this issue: In my instance, I experienced this error when attempting to upgrade the Rockmelt, Instagram, along Facebook Program. I solved this simply by following the measures below.

Error 492 can be quickly and easily fixed by these Methods and Steps:

Method 1: Easy and quick way to fix error 492 on google play store

  1. To begin with, try uninstalling and reinstalling the program. If this does not work, follow the steps below.
  2. Go to System Settings >> Manage Applications >> Select “All” tab
  3. Currently, from all programs list, pick Google Play Store and transparent cache and data.
  4. Now again in the programs list, pick Google Services Framework and transparent cache and data.
  5. Open Google Play, then try to upgrade or install the program. It ought to do the job.
  6. When it does not work, boot to retrieval (Clockworkmod), then Wipe cache from innovative >> Wipe Dalvik cache.
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Notice: This dilemma is common in the Event of Custom ROMs such as Cyanogenmod. All habits ROMs have Clockworkmod; therefore, wiping cache should not be an issue (fix google play errors).

Method 2: Fix error 492 by Formatting SD card

It was also cited in XDA Forum that sometimes the 492 error happens whenever you’ve got a corrupt SD card. Therefore, if the issue persists after following the steps mentioned above, you can try formatting your SD card and installing programs.

The error code 492 happening on your Android apparatus may have been solved now.