Google Unveils New Assistant Features, Including “Find My iPhone”

Google Unveils New Assistant Features, Including

Additionally, Assistant’s Routines have gone worldwide, and you also get ready templates to pick from when automating tedious jobs.

Google has introduced a couple of fresh Assistant attributes for iOS and Android, for example, the capacity to discover a missing or lost iPhone using a very simple voice command.

An article on The Keyword rounds five brand new (or present but more broadly available) attributes in Assistant “which enable you to handle little things around the home.”

“Hey Google, Find My iPhone”

The headline attribute is termed Locate My iPhone.

Formerly on Android through Nest smart speakers and intelligent screens, this feature currently supports iPhones through the Google Home program for iOS. Before using this feature, make sure you turn notifications for Google’s Home program on iOS with all the in-app preferences.

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With that finished, it is possible to state something along the lines of “Hey Google, locate my phone” or any such to get a notification once the phone was found. You will also notice a customized ringing noise, even though your iPhone is set to Don’t Affect or on quiet mode.

Duplex Can Now Help You Order Takeout

When purchasing from local restaurants through the Google Program on Android, create your menu choice just like you usually would. Included in the checkout procedure, Assistant will automatically browse the website and complete your payment and contact details stored in Google synced and Pay to Chrome Autofill.

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This necessitates partner involvement, so make confident your favourite restaurant is still currently tacky.

Sunrise/Sunset Triggers Expand Globally

The location-based sunrise and sunset activate that enable you to program Assistant Routines are now accessible worldwide.

To begin, touch with the “New” tab at the Google Home program or your Assistant settings, hit “add rookie” under the heading “how to begin” to show a hidden alternative for sunset and sunrise. From that point, personalize the time and particular actions you desire a Regular to activate when the sun rises or sets down.

A Revamped Routines Creation Process

When making your macro with Assistant Routines, you will now find a carousel of proposed activities highlighting popular options. On Android, users can now place Routines shortcuts in their house displays through the review display for Routines from the Google Home program or their Assistant preferences.

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Questions About the Oscars

Finally, the Assistant can answer questions regarding this 2021 Oscars, which streaming solutions can dominate. It’s possible to ask, “when will be the Oscars?” Or “Who is nominated for Animated Feature Film?”. You could even learn about Google’s very own Oscar forecasts or join in the fun at night by stating, “Hey Google, offer me an award.”

These new attributes are now readily available to Google Assistant consumers worldwide.