Raspberry Pi announces supply chain shortages and a price increase

Raspberry Pi announces supply chain shortages and a price increase

The epidemic currently affecting the majority of the world has resulted in substantial production constraints for many different sorts of products, notably those that rely on microchips. As a result, those who enjoy tinkering with electronics frequently gravitate to the low-cost and compact Raspberry Pi device. However, some Raspberry Pi development boards have become scarce, and the firm has recently revealed that it is experiencing supply chain disruptions.

The Raspberry Pi developer has indicated that, while Sony partners have worked hard to keep the components needed to create the development boards coming into the manufacturing, supply chain problems have nonetheless impacted them. As a result, in 2021, only roughly 7 million Raspberry Pi developer boards will be manufactured.

According to the firm, this is essentially the same output as in 2020. Because of the low production levels, some products, such as the Raspberry Pi Zero and the Raspberry Pi 4 with two gigabytes of RAM, have been in short supply. Raspberry Pi has indicated that it anticipates supply chain challenges to endure through most of 2022.

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The majority of the shortages will affect older products built on 40 nm manufacturing technology. This means that goods other than the Raspberry Pi 4, Raspberry Pi 400, and Compute Module 4 will be in short supply for fans of the development board. The Raspberry Pi 4 2 GB will briefly be priced at $45.

This represents a $10 premium over the usual price of $35. The $10 rise is due to increased expenditures as a result of the present shortage. Raspberry Pi clearly states that the product is not economically sustainable at the $35 price point but also pledges that the $45 price point is only temporary.

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The one gigabyte Raspberry Pi 4 is also being reintroduced for $35. The company said it would make adjustments to enable customers who purchase Raspberry Pi for commercial purposes to remain successful over the coming year. It has also advised industrial and embedded Raspberry Pi 3B+ users who want to optimize operations for 2022 to transition their designs to the one-gigabyte Raspberry Pi 4.

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