Purple iPhone 12 Is the First Apple Product With a Randomized Serial Number

Purple iPhone 12 Is the First Apple Product With a Randomized Serial Number

Apple has started a change to serial numbers for its products, together with all the purple iPhone 12 getting the first Apple gadget to utilize a new 10-character serial number structure.

The Purple iPhone 12 Comes With Randomized Serial Numbers.

Many other Apple products utilize a 12-character sequential number format so that the purple iPhone 12 is formally the first Apple product to change to the 10-character randomized consecutive numbers.

MacRumors first saw it. It has not been verified if the shift goes to additional iPhone 12 versions, such as the purple iPhone 12 miniature.

Oddly enough, the organization’s brand new Apple AirTag private item tracker boats with the outdated 12-character sequential serial numbers. One reason for this might be the simple fact that Apple seemingly had the AirTag attachment prepared to start for a little while, with a few folks seeing a production date as far back as 2019 published on product packaging.

Since MUO reported, Apple’s current internal email to the AppleCare team has advised support staff to get ready for an upcoming change to product serial numbers, essentially an alphanumeric series of eight to 14 figures, beginning with ten figures originally.

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The switch applies to new goods, the email explained, using the present products shipping, continued to utilize the present serial number structure. Though the purple iPhone 12 is not a new solution, it is a fresh SKU (stock keeping unit) from Apple’s system and therefore qualified for its new randomly generated sequential numbers.

Why Use Randomized Serial Numbers?

The outdated 12-character serial number program encodes detailed merchandise information that you could decode to disclose tidbits like production date or configuration data such as CPU utilization, storage, color, and much more.

None of that’s possible using all the new serial number structure, which because boosts your solitude just a tiny bit. For instance, the first three characters of the serial number represent the production place, and the subsequent two let you know that the week and year of manufacture.

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Additionally, tech analysts and watchers could estimate merchandise sales fairly correctly by keeping tabs on their older serial numbers as they’re created. And since clients cannot decide the specific date that a product was created, the format reduces unwarranted consumer complaints.

Believe it or not, some people would choose their iPhone for Apple, believing it may be afflicted by a particular issue simply as it was fabricated on a particular month or week. And last but not least, shifting from sequential into serial numbers prevents unintentional enrollment of items and helps reduce fraud such as guarantee swaps.