PS5 SSD Expansion Support to Arrive With Forthcoming Update

PS5 SSD Expansion Support to Arrive With Forthcoming Update

At last! Sony has revealed it’ll release internal storage expansion compatibility for PS5 in an update coming soon.

Sony has craftily revealed that a long-awaited update to its PlayStation 5 console is, finally, heading to devices. So prepare for a scramble on M.2 SSDs…

PS5 Internal Storage Expansion Is on the Way

For those lucky enough to urge their hands on one among the ten-million PlayStation consoles currently within the hands of scalpers gamers, we’ve good news. Especially considering the PS5 internal storage expansion didn’t compute of the box.

M.2 internal storage expansion is rolling bent Beta users and can soon be available for everybody else, a support page update reveals. The page states:

Please note that this is often a beta; features and specifications described herein may change before the official system software release.

So, this tells us that the feature is merely available to current beta users. However, the very fact it also says “the official software release” tells us that regular Joe PS5 owners can upgrade their internal storage soon, too.

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What M.2 SSD Do You Need for Your PS5?

The list of requirements is pretty long. Unfortunately, albeit you follow them to the letter, Sony doesn’t guarantee that your additional M.2 card will add your PS5.

Here are the minimum criteria your M.2 SSD must meet:

  • Interface: PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 NVMe SSD
  • Capacity: 250 GB minimum, 4 TB maximum
  • Cooling: Your M.2 SSD must have a cooling structure in situ, like a heatsink. You’ll either fit one yourself or buy one already equipped with a heatsink.
  • Read Speed: 5,500 MB/s minimum
  • Module width: 22 millimeters maximum
  • Module Length: 110 millimeters maxium
  • Overall Size (with Heatsink): 110 x 25 x 11.25 millimeters
  • Storage Device Type: M.2 type 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280 and 22110

You can find the complete list of requirements by getting to the support page above. Would you please make sure that you read and fully understand the sort of M.2 SSD you would like? If you purchase the incorrect one, you will have to attend for a replacement to arrive.

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Why Do You Need to Expand Your PS5 Internal Storage?

There are two reasons you would possibly want to expand your internal storage.

First, the storage capacity of the PS5 is pretty lame. You simply get 667.2 GB of useable memory with the PS5. So, install a couple of games, and you will find your space for storing is prime land—especially a storage chewer like Call of Duty.

Second, if you employ an external disk drive for storing your PS5 games, you cannot play them without moving them back to the console. This is not the case for the interior expansion slots; you’ll install games on them and launch/play games from them.

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Will You Expand Your PS5 Storage?

I know I will be able to be. I do not just need a selection of 12 games on my PS5. I want a variety of fifty, so I can play whatever I prefer when the mood takes me. I’m sure you’ll feel precisely the same way if you own the console, too.