President Biden Targets Big Tech With New Executive Order

President Biden Targets Big Tech With New Executive Order

These changes include the return of net neutrality, the Right to Repair, and other improvements.

You can expect significant changes in the technology industry to occur every time the American presidency is changed. The White House issued an executive order to make substantial changes in tech in America, and President Joe Biden did not disappoint.

What Did Present Joe Biden Declare with His Executive Order

The complete order can be viewed on the White House website. In addition, you can read the entire ruling here. However, not all of it will be relevant to technology. This is because the order promotes healthy business competition in all US economies and not just tech.

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While some changes are brand new, others reverse the policies of the previous government. In 2017, for example, the government repealed net neutrality and allowed ISPs to prioritize specific traffic.

Joe Biden’s executive orders will now “restore Net Neutrality Rules unaffected by the previous administration.” All the old laws have been restored, and ISPs will be required to treat all connections equally.

Advocates of the Right to Repair also have great news with this executive order. This right stipulates that both individuals and independent repair shops must have access to parts and the knowledge to repair any devices that fail.

Technology companies have made it impossible for consumers and repair shops to get the parts they need in recent years. This has encouraged people to use higher-priced official repair services. This executive order stops that from happening:

[The president] urges the FTC not to restrict anti-competitive practices regarding independent repair shops and DIY repairs of equipment and devices.

The order contains some harsh new rules that will encourage competition and keep monopolies under control. The order will establish “an Administration policy for greater scrutiny of mergers by dominant internet platforms,” which will regulate how companies absorb others and how much they give away to weaker companies.

The order also includes many other changes, including banning ISPs’ from making deals with landlords that would give tenants fewer options. There is also a “broadband nutritional label” that provides all details to consumers. If you are interested, visit the White House website to see the details.

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For US Technology, Something Old and Something Neuer

The new executive order by President Joe Biden to promote competition has shaken American technology. It introduced new ideas and revived old ones. This order will be interesting to see whether the public well receives these changes or makes enemies of some technology’s most influential movers.

In recent months, US technology has experienced a lot of mishaps. The US, for example, passed new antitrust laws in June 2021.