Biden calls for an international crackdown on ransomware

Biden calls for an international crackdown on ransomware

With 30 different nation representatives, the Biden administration has announced they are conducting a meeting to get persistent support for a global measure against ransomware. Ransomware is the kind of attack that targets the data and files stored in the computer system and servers by stealing or modifying the existing data. If the attacked person does not pay the specified amount to the ransom people, their data files will be destroyed or made public. 

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In recent times quite a large scale of high profile ransoms have been paid out by large companies. A speaker of the Biden administration recently said that this kind of cyber-attack threatens the American people’s basic lifestyle and business. The Biden administration plans to put an end to the cyberattacks with the help of other nations. 

The ultimate goal of the 30 national alliance is to fasten and develop coordination between the nations in the fight against cybercrimes and standard coordination with government laws all over the globe. The combined alliance also wants to show the dirty activities of cryptocurrency and international activities on cybercrime issues. Because of the pandemic situation, the first alliance meeting will be conducted online. 

The main goal is to stop the money transaction for the ransom groups and fish out the people backing up these criminal groups. Biden has requested every American people and their company to help them in the fight against cybercrime. The Biden organization gave the task to the other nations, especially Russia, to take down the criminals hidden under their borders. 

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But Washington is not convinced in Russia that they are willing to take down the criminals. To avoid further trouble, the Us Govt. has been looking for ways to clear the criminal groups residing in Russia without the help of the Russian govt. The USA believes that one of the tricks is applied to the cryptocurrency transactions business with the help of the hackers behind the eight major ransomware attacks