Pokemon GO Hoopa Misunderstood Mischief details leaked!

Pokemon GO Hoopa Misunderstood Mischief details leaked!

The best day Pokemon GO ever had is about upon us, as Hoopa just had a serious spill. Consistent with details discovered within the game’s code, September 5 will be one of the foremost exciting days in Pokemon GO history. Misunderstood Mischief is about revealed, and Hoopa’s presence within the game is confirmed – not only standard form, but Hoopa Unbound!

Just added to the game in the week was a group of Pokemon that arena isn’t yet activated. This suggests assets for the Pokemon are in situ; Niantic just must hit the GO button. New Pokemon within the game’s code include Tyrantrum, Phantump, Trevenant, and an entire bunch of Furfrou. that has Furfrou Pharoah, Star, Dandy, Diamond, Debutante, Heart, Reine, Matron, Kabuki, and Natural. All of those Pokemon are within the game with standard and glossy iterations.

Also added to the game: assets for Hoopa Unbound. Unfortunately, this Pokemon doesn’t have a Shiny iteration. This likely means we won’t have access to Hoopa Unbound for a short time. But standard Hoopa – that tiny monster is prepared. Hoopa had both 3D assets updated and 2D sprites uploaded to Pokemon GO back on August 18!

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As shared by Pokeminers today, the newest update to Pokemon GO includes text from Willow that effectively guarantees we’ll see Hoopa this weekend.

“Anyway, Hopa sure has seemed tons friendlier lately, hasn’t it? I feel it’s been having much fun interacting with us. Maybe that’s why it it’s been bringing all kinds of surprises into our world,” says Willow. “Who knows—you could be ready to catch it now!”

Willow also features a resource ID Quest Special Dialogue Season 4, 3, 0: “Wow, %PLAYERNAME%! I can not believe you caught Hoopa!” Additionally, There’s a replacement resource ID called Hoopa’s Arrival, and an occasion Quest Step Unlocked resource called “New Misunderstood Mischief Special Research tasks” in effect.

Note: The above was sent to us by an anonymous creator working with the 3D files and image files available during a ripped version of the Pokemon GO APK. This is often not what Hoopa Unbound will appear as if within the game – he’ll have eyes applied correctly, lighting, and every one the great stuff!

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It’s almost inevitable that those players that log in on September 5 for the special event that’ll happen WILL get the chance to catch Hoopa. So cross your fingers and hope it’ll take but 16 fundamental steps to urge there!