Players Can Customize Their Snow Golems With Scarves and Hats in Minecraft

Players Can Customize Their Snow Golems With Scarves and Hats in Minecraft

One Minecraft user demonstrated a mod that turned the snow golem into a real-life snowman with a hat and scarf.

Minecraft fans appear to be embracing the winter season by adorning their snowy constructions. While snowy weather received a major improvement in the most recent Minecraft update, it’s an older winter feature gaining popularity.

Developer Mojang released a slew of new features to the Caves & Cliffs Minecraft update, including enhanced world generation and cave biomes. However, one component of the Caves & Cliffs update that is sometimes ignored is the enhancements to Minecraft’s mountains and cliffs. For example, powdered snow appears to be normal but allows players to slip through, risking freezing to death if they do not flee. In addition, new mountain critters such as goats have been added to Minecraft, which can knock players off mountains and kill them. Like Pillagers and the ever-present possibility of hostile Minecraft mobs, other dangers pose a significant hazard to the player. On the other hand, the snowy landscape provides an opportunity for gamers to indulge in some fancy.

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On the Minecraft subreddit, Redditor juuccaa posted a video that shows how to turn the snow golem into a full-fledged snowman. When you put the jack-o-lantern head on the snow golem, it transforms into a snowman, springs to life, and starts moving around like Jack Frost. To add to the holiday cheer, juuccaa reveals that they can even dress up their snowman by wearing him with a top hat and scarf. Unfortunately, because this feature was added via a mod, the video doesn’t appear to reveal any additional functions that the snowman has. Still, the player did get to enjoy the winter atmosphere. Other Redditors chimed in to say how wonderful the feature is, asking juuccaa if they could expose the mod they used.

Customisable snowmen! 😀 from Minecraft

Minecraft mods are only one of the many ways that gamers may use the game to show their creativity. Thanks to mods, Minecraft has evolved from a simple, blocky world to a much more lush, intricate world. Other mobs give special player skills, produce new blocks, change the way current blocks interact with the world, or decorate the area to appear like famous culture sites. Some mods include new puzzles, mini-games, quests, and other achievements for players who have already defeated the End Dragon.

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The fact that juuccaa’s come-to-life snowman resulted from a mod doesn’t make it any less fascinating. Other players were enthralled by the prospect of a snow golem, which is otherwise a very ordinary thing in Minecraft, coming to life. At the very least, the live snowman provided those Minecraft players who were otherwise holed up for the winter with an opportunity to appreciate the beauty.

Minecraft is accessible on various platforms, including PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

Source: juuccaa/Reddit