Pixel 5a price gets leaked weeks before launch

Pixel 5a price gets leaked weeks before launch

There have been tons of attention lavished on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro (not XL), and maybe rightly so. Google is long overdue a premium contender, and therefore the Android market has long deserved a “pure” Android flagship. Not everyone, however, could be a lover of the Pixel 6’s design or its rumored tag. For these people, Google still has the Pixel 5a ready, and it’s reportedly coming later this month with a price that will probably better appeal to the masses.

The “a” suffix marks this together of Google’s budget Pixels, but it’s not exactly a pushover. The Snapdragon 765G isn’t new, but it’s still powerful enough to drive everyday needs, especially with 5G on top. 6GB is just about the bottom RAM for mid-range phones lately, and that’s decent enough for multi-tasking, especially with a vanilla Android experience.

Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech now says that his sources have revealed the Pixel 5a. At around $450, it’s definitely on par with many mid-range 5G phones this season. However, despite that label, it’d have a couple of things that many users wish were available on costlier flagships.

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The 3.5mm headphone jack is among those and might even be essential on people’s wishlists. A large 4,650 mAh battery is additionally present, and a 90Hz 6.4-inch screen is already a staple of smartphones on all tiers lately. Unfortunately, some cost-cutting measures are also made to realize that tag, like an IP67 rating and no wireless charging.

Prosser’s sources also claim that the Pixel 5a will debut on August 26. After that, availability will be limited to online stores and Google’s physical stores only.

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