Peloton Launches Corporate Wellness Program to Encourage Fitness

Peloton Launches Corporate Wellness Program to Encourage Fitness

Peloton has announced it’s launching a company wellness program for businesses to check in to, encouraging fitness.

With everyone staying reception, Peloton rose in popularity as how to stay fit from your home. Now, Peloton has announced that it’s launching a company wellness program for businesses to check in to, which might give their employees discounts on Peloton subscriptions and products.

Peloton Launches a Corporate Wellness Program

In a press release, Peloton announced that it’s launching a company wellness program for businesses to check in to, called Corporate Wellness. Businesses within the US, UK, Canada, and Germany are all eligible to check in to the program from launch. Although, Peloton notes it plans to roll the program call at Australia later this year.

Under the company wellness program, businesses offer subsidized subscriptions to Peloton’s Digital and every Access Membership and discounts on the company’s connected fitness products.

Corporate Wellness includes additional features like Tags, which lets business members find colleagues as workout partners, and Sessions to host group workouts. The program also offers engagement, administrative, and analytic tools to assist businesses to integrate the program into the workplace.

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Peloton CEO, William Lynch, explained that the company’s new corporate wellness program might be a “natural extension” to Peloton. Within the first three months of 2021, Peloton saw members happen in 171 million workouts, with users currently averaging around 26 workouts a month.

Peloton’s new corporate wellness program allows members to link their home workouts with their office workouts, as Peloton’s system is linked. It seems that Peloton is making it easier to integrate the service into your daily workout schedule.

What Is Peloton?

For people who aren’t sure, Peloton may be a fitness company. Peloton’s main product is its interactive bikes and treadmills. The at-home gym equipment allows users to interact in virtual worlds with other users through the screen on the front of the equipment.

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Currently, Peloton offers both a motorcycle and a treadmill for users to get. Additionally to the interactive virtual environments, Peloton also tracks your activities and provides you with all the standard stats for your workouts.

In addition to the home gym equipment, Peloton also offers a fitness app. This subscription-based app gives users different at-home workouts starting from strength and stretching to cycling and outdoor running, yoga, and meditation. The Peloton app also allows you to figure out alongside your friend and provides your stats without purchasing any equipment.

Peloton Is Pedalling Its Way Into Our Lives

With the launch of its new corporate wellness program, Peloton is making it even easier to integrate the service into members’ daily schedules. the company program also allows companies to encourage Wellness and fitness at work, which may only be an honest thing.

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