How old is My iPhone

How old is My iPhone

Here we can see “How old is My iPhone

A usual question arises within the mind of many iPhone users.

If you’re the one juggling around to seek out your iPhone age, don’t stress up your mind. Just keep it up reading this text, and follow a couple of simple steps to work out your iPhone age.

Knowing your iPhone age could also be helpful in various situations, like when you’re looking to shop for a replacement iPhone, so you’ll assume what proportion you’d get in exchange for an old iPhone, right!

Or the time once you got to sell your iPhone; or even other details including purchase date, manufacturing date, warranty date, etc. You never know once you are getting to need these details.

Additionally, in exceptional cases, let’s suppose for brand spanking new users who just switched to an iPhone may find the Apple ecosystem a touch complex and quirky. No offense, but seriously people quite Google this stuff to urge the precise knowledge.

So, let’s dive in and let me assist you with bent skills old an iPhone is.

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How to Check How Old is My iPhone?

To determine how old your iPhone is, you’ll always require the device serial number to work out the iPhone age. You’ll find your iPhone serial number on the back of your device or inside the settings menu.

An iPhone’s serial number isn’t just a random number allotted to your device. Besides, it tells general details, including where the precise iPhone manufactured, during which factory, what’s the device config, and so on.

You can find your iPhone serial number inside the Setting-> General-> About-> Serial Number.

Use Apple “Check Coverage” Page

Through this method, you’ll identify the age of your iPhone device by using Apple’s ‘Check Coverage‘ webpage. This web page is the subdomain of Apple to assist its users in examining their iPhone details. You simply need your Serial Number to spot details for your iPhone too.

Step 1: Check for your iPhone Serial Number through settings on your device.

Step 2: attend the Check Coverage webpage and enter your iPhone Serial Number

Step 3: Enter the code as displayed on the screen and hit the ‘Continue‘ button.

After hitting the ‘Continue’ button, you’ll be redirected to a replacement webpage where you’ll find your iPhone details, like the support and warranty period. Therefore, through the warranty period and the date of expiry displayed, you’ll quickly determine the age of your iPhone.

However, Apple always offers one year of warranty to its devices from the acquisition date. So, you’ll quickly identify – ‘How old is my iPhone?’

If there’s the other query related, do allow us to know within the comment box below.

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