Oracle Customer Connect

Oracle Customer Connect

Oracle Cloud Customer Connect is a neighborhood gathering place for visitors to socialize and collaborate on shared targets and aims. It illustrates our dedication to guarantee a superior consumer experience when interacting with Oracle B2C Service also offers an environment for our clients to interact with one another.

This is where you’ll see the most recent release info regarding Human Capital Management options, by way of instance, or forthcoming events associated with Enterprise Resource Planning, replies to use-case questions unique to Supply Chain Management, or texting messaging on Client Experience. Additionally, it is possible to give rise to a product roadmap by discussing thoughts through the Idea Lab. This is your one-stop-shop for advice.

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How to Access Cloud Customer Connect

To enroll for a Cloud Client Link Account, you need to have an Oracle Account. If you don’t have an Oracle Account, please make one.

For the Oracle Account to become connected to some Cloud Client Link Account, please make sure it fulfills the following requirements (aid ):

  • Your Oracle Account email has to be lowercase
  • If You’re interested in linking Software forums:
      • First, you must have an Oracle Cloud Software license.
      • Your Oracle Account should mention a corporate email domain (maybe perhaps not,, etc.)
  • If you’re thinking about connecting Infrastructure forums, the licensing and corporate email prerequisites don’t apply. Click here to use
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Maximize your experience in Oracle Cloud Customer Connect:

As Soon as You’re logged in to Oracle Cloud Client Link, start at the landing page. Here, you’ll discover that a Community Overview Video and advice to update your profile, review Neighborhood Guidelines, customize your house page, build your community, and much more!

Accessing Oracle B2C Service Forums:

Once logged in, pick Merge in the navigation bar, Customer Experience, and pick a subject from your Oracle B2C Service (B2C Service) forum list. The identical list can be found in the Overview of all Discussion Forums.

For your Idea Lab, choose Ideas in your navigation bar, Customer Expertise, and B2C Service.

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